Get the most out of Blomming
  • Store settings 15 March 2011 admin

    1) Usernames are chosen when you create a Blomming shop and are used, together with a password, to access your account. It has to be a single word, without spaces or symbols, and is ‘case sensitive’, ie. it distinguishes between capital and non-capital letters. Usernames are visible to all and they determine the link to your shop.

    Usernames can only be modified in the first two weeks from registration by going to the ‘My Account’ pannel. For any change in username after this two week period contact [email protected]

    Attention: Changing your username affects all links to your shop. This means that any link or embed code you have used up until the change in username will no longer function.

    2) Shop Names appear in the checkout fase of any order on a shop that is integrated in Facebook. In this case it is permitted to include spaces or symbols. The name can be generated from the ‘Settings’ pannel: Settings > Store Settings, where it is also possible to load an image (shop logo) and a link to an external website (for example your personal website). If you do not choose an image, your registration email will appear in this field.

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