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    It can happen that for a certain period of time you cannot manage your Blomming Shop. For example when you are on vacation or sick or just when you are busy with other activities (such as fairs or other events).

    Store Settings in your Blomming Shop

    So, what can you do to avoid missing an order in that timeframe?
    Simply turn on the Vacation Mode, by going on Settings > Store Settings. At the bottom of the page tick the box to enable the mode.

    Now you can select the dates (from…to…) and type a message that will be shown highlighted in yellow at the top of your Shop in that period: the Shop will be active and you will be able to receive orders regularly, but that alert will inform customers that their items will be shipped with a little delay.

    How to Set the Vacantion Mode on your Blomming Shop

    Finally, remember to click on the Save button: if the operation is successful a message will confirm you that the settings were updated successfully.
    And here is how the shop will appear over the “holiday” period. Easy, isn’t it?

    Vacation Mode on Blomming Shop

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