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  • Store settings 7 January 2013 alejandro

    If you are reading this then it probably means that you have decided to open Your Shop: congratulations! Being a true Blommer is now a matter of attitude. The definition of Social Commerce suggests that every Seller has to be proactive and show their own identity in order to stand out from the masses. How do you do that? Just follow our 3 golden rules to get started:

    1. Create an account

    To open Your Shop you must subscribe with a personal account by filling in the form on the Home Page or directly on this page. For the sake of comfort we reccomend creating a Blomming and PayPal account simultaneously.

    Some important things to keep in mind:

    • Username. This is the name you will need, coupled with a password, to access your account. It has to be a single word, without spaces or symbols, and it is case sensitive (ie. it distinguishes between capital and non-capital letters). Furthermore, the username is the the public name of the shop (meaning that it is visible to any potential buyer) and therfore determines the link to the shop itself.

    Attention: the Username can be modified from the ‘My Account’ panel within two weeks from registration. If, after this period, you desire to change your Username contact [email protected] requesting an alteration. We do not reccomend changing username as all the links that have been distributed under the previous username will no longer function.

    • Email. Choose your email with care as this email will be used both to login as well as being the destination of all notifications regarding Your Shop, including orders. Your Email can be changed at any moment  from the ‘My Account’ panel. It will only be visible in your Facebook integrated shop in the eventuality that you have not uploaded an image for your shop.

    It is also possible to subscribe with the same emal as is used for Facebook, this helps speed up the login process and does not in any way preclude or hinder the managing of Your Shop on Facebook.

    2. An image and location

    Adding information about you will help people visiting Your Shop, who do not know you, to trust you more. From the ‘My Account’ panel you can load a profile image and Your Shops whereabouts. The size limit for your Photo is of 700kb and the precise size is 75×75 pixel(although larger images are re-sized automatically).

    3. Information about Your Shop

    Using the panel: Settings > Store settings you can upload a store logo: this is the image that will appear when Checking out of an order and on Your integrated Facebook store. Images must be at least 95px high and 100px wide and usually represent your brand in some way. You may also insert an external link (URL), for exampple to your website or blog, so that these can be accessed by clicking on your chosen image.

    Don’t be shy, start uploading your awesome products so that everybody can see them, share them, love them, buy them! The fun has only just begun…

    Happy Blomming

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