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    If you have a product available in different models, the option to add variants will allow you to set options such as color, size, weight, size, and much more to your product. It will give your customers a better shopping experience making it more simple and straightforward. It also can save you time in managing the shop and orders.

    After logging into your account, enter in the Product you are interested in add variant for and click the Add link Variants, just above the price field.


    Here you can assign a name to the variant, which correspond to different options.

    For example:
    1) Variant: Color
    Options: Green, Red
    2) Variation: Size
    Options: S, M, L
    The product will then be available in the following variants: Green-S Green-M Green-L, Red-S Red-M Red-L.

    By clicking on “Create Product Variants” on the next screen you can change the stock availability for each variant.

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    After saving, the customer can easily select from the drop-down menu the desired option to add to the shopping cart.

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    From the Settings menu> Variant Editor you can get an overview of the variations and options already used and eventually changing its name. Each option added here will appear as a suggestion that variant for all the times that will be used in a new product, thanks to the auto-complete.

    foto 4

    Some simple rules to remember:

    • You can add a maximum of two variants for each product
    • Option names should be entered separated by comma
    • The combination of all the options can generate maximum  50 Product variants
    • If you have products available in more variants uses the function and make it known to your contacts: spread the news with the link to your shop or your product on your profiles on social networks or on your blog or site. Your customers will appreciate it!

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