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  • Edit product 10 September 2013 francesca

    If you have a product available in different models, the option to add variants will allow you to set options such as color, size, weight, size, and much more to your product. It will give your customers a better shopping experience making it more simple and straightforward. It also can save you time in managing the shop and orders.

    After logging into your account, enter in the Product you are interested in add variant for and click the Add link Variants, just above the price field.


    Here you can assign a name to the variant, which correspond to different options.

    For example:
    1) Variant: Color
    Options: Green, Red
    2) Variation: Size
    Options: S, M, L
    The product will then be available in the following variants: Green-S Green-M Green-L, Red-S Red-M Red-L.

    By clicking on “Create Product Variants” on the next screen you can change the stock availability for each variant.

    foto 2

    After saving, the customer can easily select from the drop-down menu the desired option to add to the shopping cart.

    foto 3
    From the Settings menu> Variant Editor you can get an overview of the variations and options already used and eventually changing its name. Each option added here will appear as a suggestion that variant for all the times that will be used in a new product, thanks to the auto-complete.

    foto 4

    Some simple rules to remember:

    • You can add a maximum of two variants for each product
    • Option names should be entered separated by comma
    • The combination of all the options can generate maximum  50 Product variants
    • If you have products available in more variants uses the function and make it known to your contacts: spread the news with the link to your shop or your product on your profiles on social networks or on your blog or site. Your customers will appreciate it!

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  • Affiliazione 26 February 2013 francesca

    In this article we have collected the answers to common questions on our Affiliation program for sellers on Blomming. For information on what the Social Affiliation is and how it works, visit this article.

    1. How do I know who is promoting my products? In this first version of the Affiliation program it is not possible to monitor who your promoters are and where your products are being published, unless of course the product is sold.
    2. Can I choose only a selected few products to be available for promotion? No, at the moment the affiliation applies to all products that are sold in your Shop.
    3. What do I need to know to set up the percentage gained in the affiliation form? You can set the percentge that you prefer in Settings > Affiliation: this percentage (calculated from the price of the product as seen on the product page, and excluding shipping costs) will then be divided in equal parts between the promoter and Blomming in the case of a sale through the affiliation. The promoter will see his net gain directly ie. half of the value of the percenatge inserted by the seller.
    4. Why do you have to connect to PayPal for the Affiliation? Will I have to use it as a payment method for my Shop? Connecting to PayPal from the Affiliation Settings is a different procedure from the connection relating to Payment Methods: it is not used to receive payments (and therfore no comission is charged). In fact in this case the association is used exclusively to allow the automatic payment due to promoters at the end of the month, obviously only in the case of sales through the affiliation program. There are no other payment options with which to activate the affiliation.
    5. To activate the Affiliation do I have to pay for something? No. Activating the Affiliation for your Shop is free. It has been brought to our attention that some PayPal texts on their website can be misunderstood in this sense, we will try and intervene for them to be changed.
    6. What implications are there from a fiscal point of view? The sellers relationship from a fiscal point of view is only with Blomming: in case of sales derived from the affiliation we will emit a receipt with the total % that you chose and we will withhold this from your PayPal account connected to your Shop
    7. What happens if the order does not go through? In the case of an order being evaded or other problems relating to an order, the commission destined for the Promoter will be cancelled in the moment in which the seller requests the cancelling of an order, through the usual procedure which occurs in the Order Status page, and only if this cancellation is accepted by Blomming.
    8. How do I deactivate the Affiliation to my shop? The Affiliation can be deactivated at any moment by sending a request to Blomming from the Affiliation Settings page. When the request gets accepted, eventual commissions on the items sold and destined to the promoter will be withheld and the sellers items will no longer result as Promotable.
    9. How do promoters know that my products can be advertised? Promoters will see all the products that adhere to the affilliation program on a designated page. Furthermore, each product will be adorned with a golden-yellow tape that will indicate the percentage to be assigned to the would be promoter.
    10. How can I invite my friends and community to subscribe as a promoter on Blomming? Let everyone know about this opportunity: it’s also a way to enlarge your following. You can share this link:

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  • Edit product, Products 4 July 2012 francesca

    If you want to save time in the management of your Blomming Shop you can use the Mass Editor feature: it allows you to apply changes to multiple products simultaneously.
    Click on “My Shop”, which is the page where you see all your uploaded products. Then just select the desired products by checking the white box in the lower right corner.

    Now you can mass edit the products of your online Shop

    Once you have selected the products you’ll see a new menu at the top of the page, with several options available.

    Select the products you want to edit at once

    How it works:

    • Category. You can select up to three categories. Check boxes can have three different settings:
      1. Empty Check Box: none of the selected products is linked to that collections. If you mark the item’s check box and click on “Apply”, the item will be added to that collection.
      2. Marked Check Box: all selected items are already linked to the collection. Clearing the tick box you will remove them from the collection.
      3. Green colored Check Box: Just some of the items you selected are linked to the collection. The first click on the check box will remove the items from the collection, the second one will add all the items to the collection.
    • Collections and Tags. You can associate the selected items to one or more already existing Collection or Tags (here a quick tutorial about Collections).

    mass edit tool for collections of products

    • Discount. With this feature you can apply the same percentage of discount to all your items (here a tutorial about discount).
    • Shipping. Clicking on “Shipping” you can select from the drop-down menu an existing Shipping Profile to associate to the items. (Here, how to create a shipping profile)
    • Visibility. You can decide to hide temporary items in your store and then bring them back to visibility.
    • Delete. Hey, wait a minute! Are you sure you want to delete items from your store? (We remind you that it is not possible to delete items that have been ordered.)

    Easy, isn’t it? :)

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