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  • Promoter Tips, Sharing 16 July 2013 francesca

    One of the easiest and most powerful tools to promote the products chosen is sharing them on Social Networks. After log in your account, click on one of the product that you have chosen (with the yellow ribbon) to see the details of it.

    Between the title and the picture of the item are located the buttons for sharing on the main Social Network, they are useful to directly share the product online, adding a personal touch and – most important of all: they automatically include on the link your PromID code, a personal promoter code that identifies each promoter in the event of sale.


    Pinterest, the most famous visual social network. Click on “Pin It” will open a pop up that allows you to choose in which board of your Pinterest account you would like to publish the product, but also leaves you full freedom to add your comments, hash-tags and keywords to allow your Pin to be found by all users. (Note for pro-Uses: You can use your Board as thematic collections of you products by publishing the Pin directly on Twitter)

    PIN IT

    Facebook is the most used social network in the world with unbelievable numbers: there are a lot of contenent going into each user News-feed at the same time, so each post must be carefully written in order to attract attention! When you click on the “Like” button always remember to add a personal comment: this way, you customize the link that is going to your profile page and have more chances to engage your friends.


    For posting on Google+ you just need to spend as much time as a click: choose the circles who might be more interested in the product that you are sharing, and seeks to involve those who follow you. One way to do so? Ask a question.


    With Twitter another important factor comes to play: the ability to fit everything you want to say in just 140 characters. When you click on the button, the tweet is automatically generated based on the title of the product but it can easily be modified, for example by adding the hashtags. Use the hashtags (#) to suggest products and to promote flash initiatives (Tip for the pros: use a tool for the creation of short url, eg: Bitly, and then get visibility by mentioning the account @blomming ).


    Finally, a useful tool that can be used on the entire web: the permalinks. A unique link to share wherever you want. Just click on it – it becomes yellow – to copy automatically. To share it you just have to paste it on your blog, website,  email, in the comments and everywhere that could be of interest to your audience.

    Happy Sharing!


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  • Facebook, Sharing 15 March 2011 admin

    One of the fastest and most efficient way to promote your shop and increase your sales is sharing your items. Blomming is very well connected with social networks and there are several interaction features both for the whole shop and the single item.

    You will find more detailed information about opening a shop in the article:How to Sell a Product: creating a shop.

    Let’s check together which Social tools you have in Blomming:

    1. Share the Whole Shop

    Condividere l'intero shop Blomming

    On the right column of your Blomming shop you will find the “social” buttons about your whole shop. Users who come to visit your shop can click on Facebook’s Like (the news will be shared on his/her Facebook wall), share the shop’s link on his/her Twitter account and do the same with the +1 on the Google Plus.

    The orange icon is the universal symbol to identify the Rss feed. The Rss feeds allow websites to spread brand new content: using a reader, i.e. Google Reader, you can sign up for a shop’s feed to automatically receive a notification each time new products are upload.

    This option is available also for single collections in the shops.

    2. Share single Item

    La barra dei social network nella scheda prodotto su Blomming

    Inside every item’s page you will find a bar designed for social medias, on the left side of the main picture. This is a fast and powerful way to spread your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and more (check the options clicking on the orange button + Share). The number of each button is the sharing level and success reached on the different platforms.

    Remember that a big part of this success comes from the completeness of the listings: writing a nice description and the right tags is crucial to supply the potential customers with all the information and also to appear in the search engine results.

    Inserire Descrizione e Tag nelle schede prodotto su blomming

    3. Facebook: Like, Comment and Send

    Facebook Buttons for sharing

    At the bottom of every item’s page, under the shipping’s profiles and payment’s methods details, you will find sharing tools designed for Facebook. There are various options.

    Like. By clicking on “Like” the system will produce a message on your wall: “(your name) likes this”, followed by the image, the title and the product link available for your friends to see.

    When you click it will appear a window in which you can write a text that will show up on the wall of your Facebook page with the link. This option is connected to the “Like” button of the side bar concerning the social network, left side of the image: the total Like is the same.

    Naturally the more “Like” you receive the more value and popularity your products get.

    Send.the “Send” button helps you share the product’s link, together with a messagge, to one or more friends, to a whole group you joined or to specific e-mail address. Sharing products links on friends’ wall will increase greatly the visibility of your products.

    Add a comment. you can create a new post on your Facebook wall, that will be visible to your friend, also by adding a comment to you product in your Blomming shop (Blomming website). In this case, on your Facebook Timeline will appear a link to your shop, without any image. Every comment you receive on Facebook will be visible o Blomming too.

    Attention: Facebook comments are not connected with the Seller profile, so he/she will not receive any notifications on comments posted about his/her product. If you would like to have any information about the product, please contact him/her directly with the function “contact the seller”, under the shop’s name.

    4. Sharing

    You can post directly on your Facebook page and profile, or on your friends’ pages and profiles, your shop’s link, your items’ link, your colletions’ link. Tip: It is a good idea to always add a greeting or a short presentation of yourself, when posting a link.

    >>For a deep integration with Facebook read how to link your shop to your Facebook page and sell directly from there in this article in the Help section: ”How to create a shop on your Facebook page.”

    Social networks are a great way to advertise your shop and increase your sales!

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