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  • Pick Product 17 July 2013 michela

    A good Promoter knows that knowing and respecting the interests and characteristics of its community is essential.  Blomming helps you find the “perfect products” through the use of special filters.


    Login to your account and click on Pick Products to access the Showcase dedicated to the Promoter where there are all the shops Blomming that adhere to the Social Affiliation. You can choose from a wide range of products to suit every taste and need. Remember: the promotion products are marked with a yellow ribbon.


    One of the main rules is to begin to understand what to look for. It sounds trite, but it’s important to always keep in mind your goal. Ask yourself: What kind of product I really want to promote? The filter by Category is useful to make a first selection. You can find it in the side menu, click on All and choose the category of your interest among the many available.


    In the same section is available a bar in which the price can be set a minimum and / or maximum value in order to define the search of the most suitable products to your community also from the economic point of view. In the example image, we set up a search filter for products of the category Clothing and priced between € 5 and € 300.


    If you want to entice you your audience even more to purchase, offer good deals is a great incentive.  Just check the box Only discounted items and your marketplace will only show products to which has been applied a discount by the seller. After all, who does not have a thing for the discounts?


    If the result of our research is extensive, it may be useful to change the sort order of results according to criterion that interests more to the Promoter. By default the results are displayed from newest to oldest, but you can choose from other options:

    High Price
    Low Price
    Most Liked
    Low Revenue Share
    High Revenue Share
    Low Earning
    High Earning
    Note: Filters are easily applicable also to the results of the free searches.


    To select a product you just have to click on the check boxes in the yellow tape: it will automatically include the item in  “My Shop” and you can start to share – gaining a percentage in case of sale. To receive the payments, do not forget to complete the configurations of the Shop.

    Happy Share!

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  • Products, Upload product 4 July 2013 francesca

    If you want to create  many products at once you can use the Bulk Load (go to your account in Settings> Import Products> Bulk Load, here). This function allows you to automatically generate complete Product Sheets by importing a CSV file, present on your computer and is compatible with Blomming.


    The File Format

    The file to use for Loading Multiple file must be a CSV (Comma Separated Values​​) is a basic text file in which information about the data fields are separated by dividers characters. If you already have an online database, you can automatically generate by exporting data in tables created with Microsoft Excel, Apple Numbers, Google Docs or other similar programs (in this case, the fields in the text file must be separated by “;” point and comma). The file created will still fit with the fields recognized by Blomming.


    • You can upload CSV files that contain a maximum of 1000 products at a time (the loading is more efficient if there are 100-200 for each CSV products)
    • Do not change the first line of the CSV template of Blomming: It contains the names of the fields that allow you to assign the right place title, description, photos etc.
    • Check that the export format is Unicode – UTF-8

    How To Fill In the CSV Template Blomming

    To start Download the CSV template Blomming. Below are the directions to fill it in correctly: Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

    Esempio di file csv

    Here you can find the instructions on how to complete the CSV file in the various available fields. Required fields are marked with an asterisk (*) next to the name:

    • SKU. If present, it is the identification code of the product, created by the seller.
    • Img, img1, img2, img3. If present, they are respectively the main image of the product, the second image, the third image and the fourth image. They can be JPG, GIF or PNG files, with at least 640 pixels of width or height. Image files must be publicly accessible on a web path using HTTP, such as your photos are not yet online, you can use any image hosting (flickr, dropbox, picasa, google drive …)Note: A product with no images loaded in the shop, but it remains “hidden” and therefore not affordable until it loads an image from your computer
    • Title *:Here, you enter the title of the product that will be visible within the product and in the URL. Choose it carefully!Note: You can not insert duplicate titles both within the same CSV file or in relation to other products in its shop.
    • Description. It represents the description of the product. A complete description, original and different for each product, significantly increases the chances of selling the product.
    • Quantity *. It’s the number of products available for sale.
    • Price *. It’s the selling price of the product and, if you use the field Original_price (see below) it is also the discounted price.
    • Original_price. The original price of the product, in the case of a product to which it is applied a discount.
      Note: if you put a value in it, “Original_price” represents the original price that the product had before the discount, which consequently must always be greater than the value of “Price” for the same product.
    •  Shipping_profile *. It’s the shipping profile associated with the product. You need to use the exact description that you used when the Shipping Profile has been created. To view your current shipping profiles or to create new ones just go here. When you open your Shop, a “Free Shipping” profile is automatically created.
    •  Category *. It shows the Blomming category to which the product belongs. Possible categories to enter in this field are those in the drop-down menu of the upload form of a single product, and must be written exactly the same way (you can check here). You can insert up to 3 values, separated by commas, as follows: “macrocategory:category”.

      Example: Jewelry:Bracelets,Woman:Accessories,Man:Accessories

    • Tags. Use this field to add the tags you want your product to be associated with.
    • Collections. Use this field to define which collections associate the product. You can enter only Collections already present in their Shop, written in exactly the same way. In case you want to be associated with more than one collection, separate the names with commas.
    • Published. The admitted values are:

    yes” when the product is to be put on sale immediately after the creation
    no” when you want to create the product in the “hidden” mode (and therefore not sellable until it is explicitly published from the related product page in the shop). This can be useful in case you are not sure about some characteristics of the product and you want to check back before it goes on sale, or you want to make the launch of new products that can not be sold immediately or in any other occasion in which you don’t want to start receiving orders right away.


    Once prepared, the file will contain a product for each row. Remember to save it in CSV and import it into your Shop: may take a few minutes, but in the meantime you can continue to browse normally. At the end of the process, check the report in the section Importing Products and compare it with the products created in your shop: you can edit the products normally within each product page, or if there are many mistakes you can decide to cancel the import (by 7 days) and try again.

    Happy Blomming!

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  • Upload product 28 June 2013 francesca

    Téléchargez un produitImporta prodotti da ebay a blomming

    If you have an eBay Shop and want to increase your chances of sales using social networks you now can do it thanks to Blomming. After you have opened a shop on Blomming, just use the easy Import Products feature to bring, in a few minutes, all products from your eBay shop to your Blomming Shop. Here’s how to do it.

    Importing Step 1

    In your account, go to Settings> Import Products. In this section you can also upload products via csv and get an overview of recent imports. Choose Import from eBay and on the next screen enter the Country and the name of your eBay Shop, then click Start Import. All the products with complete photos and descriptions, will be automatically loaded into your Blomming Shop!


    Some useful things to know:

    • You can import at max 1000 products from each eBay Shop. The system will automatically import the most recent
    • The minimum size accepted for images from eBay is 500 pixels: smaller images will not be loaded
    • Any import error will be reported at the end of loading
    • It may take some minutes while the import finishes, you can continue to browse Blomming during this time
    • If, for some reason, you wish to cancel the import please remember that you have 7 days to do so. After that you no longer can cancel it.


    Now you are ready to bring your Shop on Facebook! It’s very easy, learn how in this tutorial.

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  • Affiliazione, Sales, Sharing 18 April 2013 francesca

    time for social affiliation-social affiliation on blomming-social affiliation

    Social Commerce just keeps on innovating itself! We have just launched a very important development for your Blomming Shop: it’s called Social Affiliation.

    Enter your account and go to the new ‘Promote’ section. Thanks to our Affiliation System you can allow other Bloggers and Social Media Lovers to publicise your products, guaranteeing a comission – which you can choose – in the case of a sale. This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your shop exponentially … and therefore your profits!

    promote on blomming-social affiliation-promoter

    What is the Affiliation

    You can allow other users that are registered on Blomming, namely ‘Promoters’, to sell products from your shop on their own Website, Blog, Facebook page or simply on any Social Media, just as you yourself do. With this system you garuntee a percentage of the sale price of a product (excluding shipping costs): for every item sold through the Affiliation, the promoter and Blomming will split the percentage, that you have decided, equally.

    (For example: with a 10% gain on a product, you are guaranteeing 5% for Blomming and 5% for the promoter.)

    Settings and Practical Information

    Activating the Affiliation is free. You can set it up easily by going to Settings > Affiliation (Here)

    affiliation settings

    • Choose the percentage of the price of the product that you want to give as a commission(minimum of 4%). This percentage will reamin the same for all products on your Shop and will be visible to Promoters in a separate display, together with other ‘promotable’ items of other sellers.
    • Carefully fill out your personal details as indicated in the form
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions, Save and Connect to PayPal to activate

    It is necessary to connect your Shop to PayPal (in a different way from that which regards the ‘Payment Methods’) so as to send profits to Promoters automatically (this happens at the end of each month, and only in the case of prooducts being sold through the Affiliation). If you do not have a PayPal account you can easily create one.

    Why it Works

    Each Day every one of you shares things on your Social Media networks, blogs or websites, which you like – news, images, objects – and you recommend them to friends and followers. In this way you are creating around yourself a ‘community’, a ‘liquid’ network that is constantly growing and meets with the networks of others, creating conversations in which potentially millions of people are participating simultaneously. Recognizing a commission on the sale of your products, incentivizes others to share, therefore increasing the exposure of your Shop and by consequence your sales.

    A natural extension to Your Shop. The Affiliation According to Blomming

    We believe that this system can help everyone. Those who sell online can gain a hand from their community, which will boost sales. It is, after all, Social Commerce. For those who don’t have a shop but are active on the internet – you are the Social Media Lover, or blogger or online publisher – it is a way to monetize the sharing of products that you like. At a difference to other affiliation programs, in fact, this is the first case in which those who Promote can choose the products that they prefer accordoing to their own tastes, and therefore showing their community only that which they deem fit.

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  • About Blomming, Affiliazione 8 March 2013 francesca

    social affiliation-thousands of shops recognize the power of social affiliation

    Are you looking for a way to monetize your online presence, whilst keeping your identity? Welcome to Blomming!

    Blomming is a Social Commerce platform that adresses the needs of Sellers, Promoters and Buyers for a new type of e-commerce experience that is completely integrated with social networks.

    Shops on Blomming

    For Sellers Blomming offers a system through which to sell online without a ‘middle-man': anyone can subscribe and open a shop in a few minutes. This system is thought of so as to reach and monetize those plcaes online where one is already present. In fact, with a single account you can sell

    1. On your blog/website, thanks to the embed code that you can simply copy and paste
    2. On a Facebook page of which you are the administrator
    3. Directly on the Blomming website

    On Blomming we have thousands of shops from all around the world with unique and original products that range across all sorts of categories, with a strong presence of designers, artisans, artists, stilists and all sorts of creative minds.

    Blomming for Promoters: Social Affiliation

    We came up with the idea of Social Affiliation as a natural extension to Blomming shops. The idea is that anyone who is active online – wether you are a Social Media Lover, a blogger or online publisher – can monetize the sharing of products that you like. At a difference to other affiliation programs this is the first case in which the Promoter can choose products according to his own taste, and therefore suggest things to his own community that truly convince him.

    social affiliation blomming-promote on blomming-social affiliation

    Those who subscribe as Promoters (you can do it here) can choose from a selection of products, namely those that Sellers who adhered to the Affiliation program have rendered available, and include them in your own personal shop. Sharing them with a simple Like, Tweet or Pin or embeding the product into your shop, will allow you to earn a percentage on the sale price (which is chosen by the seller of each product) in the case of a sale.

    Power to the Social Media Lovers! Getting started is very simple: click here.

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  • Affiliazione, Pick Product, Products 8 March 2013 francesca

    promoter-promote on blomming-social affiliation

    Thanks to Blomming’s Social Affiliation anyone who is active online can now make money by sharing the products they prefer from those available on Blomming.

    To become a Promoter all you have to do is go to this page and fill out a straightforward form in which you choose your Username (a public name for your Blomming account), email which you will use for logging in and to which all important information will be delivered and a password. The only other thing you have to do is accept the Terms of Service (read with care) and select if you want to receive a Newsletter which will contain official communications, then click on Become a Promoter … and your ready to start!

    Those who wish to do so can also use their Facebook credentials to register their Blomming account, this will help speed up the process even further.

    After you login you will arrive at the Dashboard: from here you can access all sharing functions, your Settings and Orders pannel. The first thing you need to do is to start populating your Shop by choosing products that you want to promote. Click on the green button ‘Pick Products‘  to see the storefront, which is always updated with all the items available for promotion. These products are also recognizable from the yellow tab in the top right of the products picture where the percentage, destined for the Promoter in case of sale, is also specified (with more details once on the product page). To choose a product just tick the window and the product will appear in your Shop. (at the link:[yourusername]/items)

    Scegliere i prodotti da promuovere su Blomming

    You can also discover many interesting products by navigating the Blomming Storefront.

    To remove a product from your Shop, just un-tick the window.

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  • Facebook 3 May 2012 francesca

    After the most recent update on the layout of Facebook Pages, the look has become similar to the Timeline of Personal Profiles. The installed applications are placed at the top of page. Four are in evidence, the other can be seen only by expanding the menu.

    Visible applications in your facebook page

    How to put your Shop among the first four visible tabs:

    1. Click on the right arrow to display all applications of the page.

    Show all the applications on your facebook page

    2. Place the mouse in the upper right corner of the application in the position of which you want to enter the Blomming Shop.

    Select the position for Blomming Storefront

    3. Select from the drop down menu the icon with the chameleon – that’s your Shop. You’re done!

    Now your Blomming Shop appears among the applications in evidence on the facebook page

    See the result on the Blomming Page!

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  • Orders, Payment options, PayPal 6 February 2012 francesca

    Choose Paypal is a safe and fast way for your transactions on Blomming (HERE is the tutorial to set up Paypal as a payment method in your shop).

    Furthermore now to pay with Paypal is even easier for you buyers: they no longer have to leave the Facebook page in which you have the Shop! The whole process Cart – Checkout – Confirmation – Payment takes place more easily and quickly, and the buyer can return immediately to see the products again, or to visit other pages. This is thanks to a partnership with PayPal where, you know, millions of people in the world have an online account. If you are a seller, to accept payments with this system is extremely useful to stimulate sales. And if you are a buyer you can shop safely just in a few clicks.

    In both cases, what are you waiting, open an account now!

    Let’s see what happens if you make a purchase in a Blomming shop on Facebook.


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  • About Blomming, Payment options, Sales 21 March 2011 admin

    Blomming is a system for selling online directly: anyone can sign up and sell anything, in few minutes. What makes Blomming special is that it is designed to sell even through those online places where you already have an online presence – that is your website, blog or social network.

    In other words, Blomming combines E-Commerce with Social Media, and that’s why we talk about Social Commerce. Example giving: once the Shop is created, an Embed code becomes available in order to allow users to bring the functions of electronic commerce onto any website or blog, just like you’re used to do for YouTube videos.

    Blomming is also tightly integrated with Facebook: not only you can automatically show links to products through Like, Share or Comments, but you can also set up a real Shop that shows your Blomming products within your Facebook Page, and sell directly from there.

    The idea is simple: you just have to upload a photo of the product, add the price and a little more information, and you’re ready to sell:

    1. On your blog / website or on those of your friends by copying and pasting the embed code of the product on sale
    2. Directly on your Blomming page
    3. On a Facebook Page

    Let’s see what happens on Blomming. Once you have uploaded a few products, your shop will look like this:

    Shop Blomming

    This page is public and you can share this web address with whoever you want. By clicking on any product, you will land on the product page, which appears like this:

    Product Page on Blomming

    This also has a public web address and is ready for sale. Indeed, those who want to buy the product will simply click Add to Cart to activate the procedure in the browser. See below:

    Carrello acquisti su Blomming

    The purchasing process is activated by clicking Checkout, with the security and reliability of a safe E-Commerce system of the highest quality. The system, with all the needed features and measures, is the same if you sell your products directly from, from your website or blog by using the Embed or from a Facebook Page using the app Blomming Storefront.

    Here is the embed of a single product:


    Here is the embed of the whole Shop:

    And here is the Shop integrated in the Blomming Facebook Page:

    Shop Blomming integrato in Facebook

    To empty the Cart and close it you must select Clear Cart. If you want to go on with the puchasing, just click on Checkout: on the next step your data will be required for shipping. At this point, if you want, you can proceed with the payment: the mug will arrive, don’t worry!

    This is just a brief introduction to help you take the first steps into the world of Blomming, but there are many other features which are explained in the other sections of this Help. Are you interested in Blomming gadgets? Visit our Shop!

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  • Store settings 15 March 2011 admin

    1) Usernames are chosen when you create a Blomming shop and are used, together with a password, to access your account. It has to be a single word, without spaces or symbols, and is ‘case sensitive’, ie. it distinguishes between capital and non-capital letters. Usernames are visible to all and they determine the link to your shop.

    Usernames can only be modified in the first two weeks from registration by going to the ‘My Account’ pannel. For any change in username after this two week period contact [email protected]

    Attention: Changing your username affects all links to your shop. This means that any link or embed code you have used up until the change in username will no longer function.

    2) Shop Names appear in the checkout fase of any order on a shop that is integrated in Facebook. In this case it is permitted to include spaces or symbols. The name can be generated from the ‘Settings’ pannel: Settings > Store Settings, where it is also possible to load an image (shop logo) and a link to an external website (for example your personal website). If you do not choose an image, your registration email will appear in this field.

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