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    When you add a product it is important that you include crucial information on the product sheet: Description and TAGS. A Tag is a label, or key-word, that describes the product: these are essential and extremely useful so as to be index-linked by search engines such as the one present on the Blomming Storefront. Using Tags appropriately will help gain visibility and assist potential clients in finding what they are looking for. Go on reading! 

    Lets go through some of the golden rules of inserting Tags:

    • Use words that are descriptive and coherent with the product shown in the picture
    • Length: choose Tags that are made up of no more than 4 words
    • When inserting Tags make sure you separate each one with a comma (tag n.1, tag n.2, … )
    • We recommend inserting no more than 10 Tags per product
    • If possible make sure your most important Tag is also used in the Product Sheets Title, so as to better its position in the search engines ranking
    • Don’t forget to insert your shops name as well!

    We recommend: imagine you were searching for the product in question, what would you type into the search engine? Thats what you should put in the Tag section.

    Organising Tags and maximising their potential:

    As we said previously each Tag is to be separated with a comma when inserted, and if you want to cancel one, just click on the X that precedes it. There’s also an efficient way to organise many Tags simultaneously on different products: the Mass Editor, which allows for changes to products on mass.

    In the right hand column of your shop, when on the page where you can see all your products, a list of all the Tags used in your shop is visible; each Tag can be clicked on and functions as a filter, showing only products associated with the Tag in question.

    This is extremely useful both for the sharing of links of a particular selection of products, as well as when integrating your shop with a Blog or Website, and selling directly from these platforms thanks to the Embed function. More information in this article.

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