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    PayPal is a system – external to Blomming – which allows you to pay and be paid online in a safe and easy way. You can save your credit card or bank account data once, and then use your PayPal credentials directly. In this way the websites on which the transaction occurs will exchange data while keeping your personal information secure. This is how PayPal presents itself:

    PayPal and Blomming

    Blomming store carts are linked with PayPal as this is a fast, easy and secure way of managing transactions for both the seller and the buyer.

    PayPal is a very effective way to receive payments. Those who buy from you can enjoy a safer and easier shopping experience: with a few clicks the payment is received directly by the seller without leaving the Blomming procedure (also on Facebook). This prevents buyers from “getting lost” by going manually on other websites (and also spares them the trouble of using banks or postal services).

    From the seller’s point of view, this method makes sure to receive the payment before shipping the object. It is called PayPal Express Checkout.

    In order to activate this function it is necessary to have a “Premier” PayPal account (for individuals) or a “Business” PayPal account (for companies). The Business account is free and it will charge a percentage on the payment based on the volume of transactions. Here is the link to the page of PayPal fees.

    To use it with Blomming you will only need to enter your Paypal email or, if the Blomming account hasn’t been validated, it will be required by PayPal when you receive your first order through Blomming. Here are some information on PayPal:

    Associate your PayPal account with your Shop Blomming: read this article.


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