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    Header account BlommingCreating a shop with Blomming is fast and easy. After signing up… just load the first product! By clicking on the orange button on the top of the page Upload Product you enter the screen below (or just click here):

    Upload a product

    Image. From here you can upload (up to four files at once) the main picture of your product. Please note that you can change it later if needed. To be accepted by the system images must have a minimum width or height of 640 pixels. This is meant to show your product in the best way. It is better to use good resolution images: the system will then automatically resize them. Any visitor of your page will have a good impression of your product by activating the “zoom” function.

    Title. It’s the product name. Choose it carefully! It should be descriptive and particular at the same time, to distinguish your product from all the others.

    Price. It’s the price of a single product, no shipping costs. You can choose the currency you prefer in your Shop Settings.

    Shipping Profiles. These are used to define packaging and shipping costs once and for all, and then associate them quickly to each new product. The first time you create a product – you only will see “Free Shipping”: we have already set it for you. Then you can create and customize all the Shipping Profiles you need in the Shop Settings ( to this address ). Find more information in this article of our help.

    Categories. These are used to display the product in the right place on the Categories section of Blomming Storefront. Try to select the appropriate category for your product from the drop down menu.

    Visibility. Here you can enable or disable the visibility and then the sale of each product: indeed, by selecting “Hide” only the owner of the store will be able to see the product in the shop’s gallery, while the product will be visible to all by selecting “Published”.

    After clicking on Create Product the page will look like this:

    Product Page on Blomming

    Now you have to add the Description and the Tags, which are very important both to give complete information to the potential buyers and to appear properly in search results. Remember to enable at least one Payment Method to make the product sellable. You can also decide to apply a discount or to insert the product in a Collection, which is a convenient way to group your products.

    Of course the administration functions of the shop are only visible if you are logged into your account, and are invisible to other users.

    Now that the first product is ready to be sold… what are you waiting to load the next?

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