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    Every seller has their own method of handling products and orders for their Shop, and of course every Blommer can choose how to promote their products online. We have designed a useful multitask Dashboard to help you keep track of your orders on Blomming, update the stock within your Shop, review existing articles, share your products via Social Media Channels, tell your friends to join Blomming and much more…

    Here’s a preview of Blomming’s Dashboard Panel:

    As can be seen from the top section of the page you are immediately involved in the ‘social’ aspect of Blomming: you can invite friends so as to earn a special badge.

    Immediately beneath this we have a view of the most recent products loaded on your shop and a direct access to it, as well as direct access to an archive of all your orders and including those that are still being processed, which allows you to manage all the various fases of an order. A very common question among Sellers is “What happens when an order is made?”.

    On the right hand side of the Dashboard you will find the Settings (which allow you to manage shipping profiles, payment options etc.) and Publishing Options.

    Thanks to these tools you can share your products with your current Community and therefore reach a vast amount of potential clients who interact in Social Networks around the world, ‘interconnecting’ thousands of conversations that are constantly occurring online.

    In fact, Blomming allows you to have 3 Shops in 1: how is this possible? You can have your dedicated space in, sell directly from your website or blog and last but not least, you can easily integrate your Shop within your Facebook Page. This allows you to sell from all three shops whilst managing everything from one place.

    It’s all about Sharing:

    As you already know, the fastest and most efficient way to promote your Shop and therefore increase your sales is sharing your items via Social Media. Blomming helps you to do this with several Social Tools integrated in the platform. We always suggest our Blommers share their Shops or single products, check out this interesting article that explains everything about Sharing and start spreading the word :)

    Happy Blomming!

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