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  • Payment options 21 March 2011 admin

    In order to start selling with Blomming you need to select at least one of the “Payment Options” (see this page).

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    The currently available options are:

    • Cash on delivery. Those who receive the product will have to pay before they can withdraw it
    • PayPal. You must 1. have a PayPal account and 2. enable the possibility to receive payments. You may find more in-depth instructions on this option in the relevant page of this Help
    • Postal Order. You need to go to the Postal Service, pay the requested fee and the parcel will be delivered directly from the postman to the address of the recipient. Once in possession of the title, the beneficiary can collect the amount at any post office
    • Check. It works like a bank transfer, that is the payment is handled directly between seller and buyer, but it is registered by the system
    • Bank Transfer. In this case Blomming handles the buyer’s personal data, but not those of the bank account (IBAN): this is exchanged directly between buyer and seller in further communications. However, the order is registered and classified as “To be Paid”
    • Other. This option can be used for external systems, like debit cards. PLEASE NOTE: In case of un-secure payment systems choosen by the user, Blomming does not take the blame for eventual security problems that may occur.

    You can enter these settings once and for all, and come back to the “Payment Options” page only if you wish to edit them.

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