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    Here you can find the frequently asked question about Blomming. For more detailed information check carefully the Help page and you will find all the answers to your questions. If you still need more help please write us an e-mail to [email protected]

    1. How can I ask for assistance?

    If you still have a doubt, you need an information you cannot find or if you need any technical assistance please write us an e-mail and include all the necessary details: your shop’s link, your website, your Facebook page and all the possible information we would need to help you solve the problem: our team will help you ASAP.

    Important: please, do not use the Blomming Facebook page to ask for assistance. That is our community place and your request will be forwarded to our support team, anyway.

    2. How to delete a product/picture/collection?

    You just have to click on the red icon with the trash symbol, close to the product you want to delete. Your items show this icon just on the gallery or catalogue, in one word when you look at your shop.

    3. Why I cannot delete my products?

    If you place an order as a test, this one cannot be deleted. It will remain in ours archives and also in your shop because, for transparency reasons, we have to keep track of every transactions. As a consequence also the product will remain connected with the transaction. There are two things you can do:

    * You can still display the product as available, you just have to change the availability (the editable number inside the product page, under the price)

    * If you do not want your test item to appear in your shop, just hide it

    4. How can I hide an item?

    You just have to change the item profile from being “published” to “ hidden”. When the product is “hidden” only the shop’s owner can see it.

    5. How can I cancel an order?

    This feature is not available. You have to go through all the steps as you would do for a regular order, then close and archive it.

    6. How buyers and sellers can communicate?

    If you want to contact the seller before placing an order, you can use the form “Contact seller”, you can find it on the right column under the shop name.

    If the order has already been placed, seller and buyer can communicate through the messenger system. This will appear within the Order page, that you can reach with the link sent to you by mail, when you placed the order.

    7. What is the difference between User name and Store name?

    • The Username is the name you choose when you create your Blomming Shop and it’s used, along with the password, to login into your account. It must be a single word, without spaces or symbols, and it’s case sensitive (that means it recognizes uppercase and lowercase). Remember that the Username is PUBLIC (everyone can see it) and it sets the link of your Shop.

    PLEASE NOTE: the username can’t be modified. However, if you just signed up and you have made a mistake, you can write to [email protected] to request a change.

    • The Storename is the name of the Shop that appears during the checkout of an order and a Blomming Shop integrated in a Facebook Page. Spaces and symbols are accepted. You can set it through the panel Settings > Store Settings and you can also associate a logo and a link to an external website (in example: your personal website).

    8. What is the difference between Profile picture and Shop Logo?

    • The Profile Picture appears next to your Username and can be a photo of you, a store logo or any other image: we suggest you to always upload it in order to personalize your shop and to show who you are to those who visit your page. The weight limit for the file is 700kb and the precise size is 75 × 75 pixels (larger images are automatically resized). You can change your profile picture at any time by clicking on “My Account”.
    • The Store Logo is the image that appears during the checkout of an order and in your Shop integrated in a Facebook Page.You can set the image through Settings> Store Settings: it must be at least 95px high and wide at most 1000px, and usually represents the logo of your activity. You can also insert a web address (URL) that links to an external site (in example, your official website or your blog).

    Please note that on the web is always advisable to upload images with a resolution of 72 dpi.

    9. How I can use the HTML in the description of a product?

    HTML code allows you to format the text: in this way you can stress some words by using bold or italic style and also add a link to better show and explain your products.

    Allowed tags
    a – b – br – del – hr – i – p – u – table – tr – td – th – tbody – thead – ul – ol – li – em – strong – h1 – h2 – h3 – h4 – h5 – h6

    Allowed HTML attributes:
    href – style

    10. Why I cannot upload a picture?

    On Blomming you can upload this picture formats: JPG, GIF, PNG. Pictures must be at least 640px wide or tall. We always advise a maximum weight of 1 MB. Uploading light images on the web is better because of web connectivity: if it runs slow it will take a lot of time to load pages. On the other hands it is very important to upload good quality pictures. Moreover if the picture is too big Blomming will zoom it automatically.

    11. How can I estimate the total shipping price on mutilple orders?

    You can use the option “if shipped with another item” if you want to offer a better shipping price for people who orders more than 1 product from your shop.

    In the box you should write the additional amount that you intend to top up for every added items. Surely this should be estimate by the seller considering his/her items and the way he/she intend to ship them. In case of multiple orders in the same shop, the total amount is given by the highest shipping price to which is added the secondary shipping price (if any, otherwise the system will add the same amount).

    12. Why my Facebook page is not linked to my Blomming shop?

    The most common mistake is that people try to link the Blomming shop to a Facebook Profile (not a Facebook Page) or Group.

    13. In the Payment methods, what “other” stands for?

    Usually Blomming sellers use for every others payments methods that are not on the list.

    14. Why my product never show up in the Storefront?

    Blomming Storefront is made up of different sections that change everyday: some of this are highlighted by our team, while others work in a different way, like the section “ Most Liked” that shows the items that have more “like” on their Facebook page. In any case we advise you to always take a lot of care while doing your ads: pics, title, descriptions and tags. You can find good tips in our Help section: How to have a beautyful Shop and increase sales.

    If the items quality and their presentations will be in line with our guidelines we will consider them to appear highlighted in our Storefront.

    15. Can I sell digital products?

    Currently we do not deal with the download of digital file through our platform (digital delivery), but Blomming can still be used to make the deal and organize the phisical shipment to the seller. Always check the Prohibited and Resticted Items (link).

    16. Can I sell services?

    You can sell everything on Blomming. It is well designed for physical goods, but there are no restrictions for services like travels or coupons, etc. Always check the Prohibited and Resticted Items (link).

    17. I would like to put a banner on my blog. Where I can get it?

    You can use the badges made by our community, you can find it here (link)

    18. How the shops indexing works?

    Your products’ links, on you shop and on Blomming, the others one posted all over the net, your embed code (both in the widget version and as a whole shop) will be scanned by Google and any other search engine. That means they will be available for everybody through keywords. For this reason it is always VERY important, whenever you post a product, to add Title, Description and Tags. We remind you that Facebook posts, instead, will not be indexed by Google or other search engines.

    19. How can I push my shop better?

    Have you tried to share your shop’s link and you products on the official Facebook Blomming page (link)?

    Here Blommers introduce themselves and actively take part in the community ;)

    Another way to promote your shop is using the embed code and integrate the shop and your products into your website and sell directly form here. You can find more detailed information here.