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    Blomming offers to sellers the ability to sell their products beyond their own country. What better target for a seller then the global one? To be able to make it happen we need to do the basic settings to facilitate transactions: the most important is certainly the creation of appropriate methods of payment.
    The methods of payment available at Blomming are diverse, including PayPal, the safest and most practical way available at almost all countries. But what about those countries where PayPal is not operating yet?
    There is no need to worry, this will not block the rising of your business! In these cases, the  safest and most economical payment instrument remains the use of bank transfers. Today make an international transfer is as simple as do a  national one. Thanks to the evolution of the SWIFT system, transfers money to and from foreign countries are now easier and cheaper.

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    Once you check the option bank transfer, 2 fields are required:Bank Account Number or IBAN: it is precisely the space devoted to the account number. It is, in short, a number known internationally that uniquely identify the recipient, and therefore  able to credit the amounts transferred without errors. The IBAN consists for a variable number of characters, up to a maximum of 34. In Italy, the IBAN is composed of 27 fields. You can check the number of characters of the IBAN of your country here

    Note: For those countries not participating in the standardization system IBAN, you can enter the equivalent values ​​. For example, in India the standard IFSC is used, the CLABE in Mexico, Argentina the equivalent is the CBU, while in other countries without specific standardization such as Brazil and Malaysia you just need to enter the account number.

    • BIC or SWIFT: the Bank Identifier Code is a identification code used worldwide. While the IBAN is enough for a national operation for the countries that use this system, for an international money transfer it is essential to use SWIFT code. Generally consists of a variable number of characters between 8 and 11 consisting of numbers and letters. To know the BIC relative to your bank you can refer to this link.

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    At this point you just have to enter your personal data in order to let your customers choose postal order or bank transfer as a payment method to pay you. We will send your information only to those buyers which have chosen to pay you with one of these methods