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    For those who have a Blomming shop with numerous products or with different categories of products, it can be useful to have an instrument that helps surf through these and manage them better. Collections are for these very needs: they are thematic groupings of products that are useful in organizing your shop and directing clients towards their desires. When should you make use of the Collections function? For example in a shop that deals in clothing, where it is useful to distinguish between ‘male’ and ‘female’, ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ etc. Collections are also useful for products that pertain to a particular event such as ‘Christmas’, ‘St. Valentine’s’, ‘Discounts’ and all sorts of categorizing needs. 

    In the right hand column of every Shop you can find the button from which to create a Collection. Let’s see how it works.

    1) Create a Collection

    Once on your shop if you click on the Add New Collection button a pop’up window appears in which you can write the name of your desired Collection. After confirming this name, the Collection appears (in alphabetical order, in the case of there being more than one) in the right’hand side column.

    • Orange Icon: RSS. Activate the RSS feed for that collection. The RSS feed allow websites to distribute new information as soon as these are available: using a reader, just like Google Reader, so potential clients can subscribe to the feed and automatically receive notifications for every new product that is uploaded.
    • Green Icon: Embed. Just as with the entire shop and single products, it is also possible to integrate Collections in your website or blog and sell directly from there. By clicking on this icon you are directed to the page for the creation of the Embed code. Complete tutorial found here.
    • Brown Icon: Modify. Allows you to change the name of the Collection
    • Red Icon: Trash. By clicking on the Trash it is possible to eliminate the Collection. Eliminating a Collection does not eliminate the products associated to it.

    Now that you have created a collection its time to fill it with products!

    2) Associating Products with a Collection

    When entering each individual Product Page it is possible to select the desired Collection from the drop-down menu, in the right hand column under the header ‘Add to Collection’, and therefore confirm  by clicking on Add. Each product can be added to more collections. By clicking on the Trash can beside the name of the Collection you can remove the products from that Collection.

    3) How to make the best of Collections

    Each Collection has its own link and can be navigated independently. This means that by clicking on the name of a collection on the right hand column of a shop, both visitor and shop owner can see the products associated with that collection exclusively. Collections are extremely useful in promoting a specific selection of products, and therefore can (and must) be shared: both through the direct link and by integrating them in your website or blog, via the embed system aforementioned.

    On your Facebook shop and in the version integrated with your website or blog, Collections appear in the top right hand side of the Shop, by clicking on the drop-down menu.

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