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    If you already have a shop on Blomming, the Blomming Storefront application allows you to integrate your Shop into a Facebook Pageof which you are an admin. This means that you can sell directly through the popular social network, where you are already in contact with your audience and build your brand identity, day by day. Let’s see how it works – it’s fast and easy!

    1) Add the app to your Facebook Page

    After creating your Blomming Shop and having uploaded some products,  just go to your Dashboard and click on Publishing Options (in this section you will also find other important features about the integration of  the Shop into your site or blog).

    Publishing options for your blomming shop

    Below “Sell on Facebook” click on the green button Go: on the next screen you can select the Facebook Page you want amongst the available ones (that means those which you are an administrator and you have not yet installed the application). To confirm click on the button Add Page Tab.

    Associate Blomming Shop to a Facebook Page

    You will be immediately returned to the Publishing Options page on your Blomming account, where you will see the confirmation of the Activation.

    Publishing Options for Blomming Shop

    >> If you were logged in your Blomming account or if you have not clicked on “Unlink”, the following step is not necessary.

    2) Activate the connection with Blomming

    Once in your own page, you will see the new app Shop with the chameleon icon at the top of the page. If you don’t see it, it’s probably hidden by the drop down menu: read here what to do. Now click on the Shop icon.

    Blomming Shop Icon on a Facebook Page

    The connection with Blomming will be displayed. Login with your Blomming account. If you have a browsing session running on this step is unnecessary and you can skip directly to the next step.

    Log in to your Blomming account

    Then confirm the connection between your Blomming Shop and the Facebook Page. Well done! You will now see the page filled up with products from Blomming, and it will be automatically updated from time to time. The management of the shop is centrally from your Blomming.

    Here is how the Facebook Page visitors see a Blomming Shop.

    Facebook Shop - english

    Page administrators which own a Blomming Shop will also see other management functions. By clicking on the picture or on the title of a product the relevant page will be displayed.

    Product Page on Facebook Shop

    And when clicking Add to Cart this will appear at the top of the window. Another advantage: customers who pay with Paypal does not even have to leave the page, as explained here.

    Add to Cart from a Blomming Shop integrated in Facebook

    Now you can choose to customize the icon of the shop with the name and image of your choice.

    Note: all the business apps on Facebook work only with Facebook Pages – that are different from Personal Profiles and Groups.

    If you dont’t have a Facebook Page

    A Page is a great way to promote your business, brand, product or community or other, and to do business in general: among the various benefits it is not subject to the famous limit of 5000 friends, which is typical of personal Profiles. In case you haven’t created a Facebook Page for your brand yet, follow this simple tutorial

    If you still don’t have a Blomming Shop… the time is now! Just sign up as a Seller or as a Promoter on this page. You can find help to start in the Help index.

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