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    Embed your online shop in your website or blogONce you have created a Blomming shop you can also integrate it with (on top of your facebook page) your Blog or website, selling directly from there and managing everything centrally. This function is called ‘Embed’ and it is very similar to what occurs when you want to integrate a YouTube video in a post: you copy the iframe code which is automatically generated and you paste it in the html editor of your blog or website, on the page in which you want to insert your e-commerce.

    Let’s see how this works in more detail. You can arrive at the page where the embed code is created in two ways:

    1. click on the green icon (like the one at the beginning of this article) present in the right hand column of your shop below the ‘All Products’ label
    2. Going to your account, Dashboard > Publishing Options (or by clicking ‘Publish’ directly in the top menu)

    By clicking on ‘Go’ in the ‘Sell on the web’ section you will be redirected to this page, where you can create and personalize your code.


    In a few simple steps you can visualize your entire shop on your website, or just the products related to a collection or tag (this option is only available for sellers and not for Promoters). Just click on the area that interests you.


    Afterwards, you can define width and height of the Shop you want to create, depending on the page size in which you will embed it. The default size is usually the optimal one. You can also choose a specific language to use (if “Auto” the system will behave as on Blomming, allowing this choice to the final user). Finally, you can choose to show or not name and logo of your own Shop (which you can set in Settings > Shop Settings).


    You can also personalize the font and colours of your Shop, in order to make it as integrated within your website or blog as possible.


    At the bottom of the page you can find the preview of the selection you have made. When you think everything is ready, just copy the code at point 4 and paste it in the web page you prefer – of course, remember to use the HTML editor.

    There you go!

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