Get the most out of Blomming
  • Products, Tutorial 4 July 2011 admin

    We know how much you care about your creativity – and so do we! Placing a “watermark” on the images might be a way to protect yourself, but remember that every visitor of your Shop wants to see the products clearly. So, if you really want to put your logo in the pictures, try to do it discreetly and follow this tips:

    • It must be transparent enough
    • It should not have contrasting colors with those of the object
    • It should also be positioned not to cover what you want to sell.

    The look is important!

    PLEASE NOTE: in order to provide a more enjoyable shopping experience on Blomming, images without watermarks (and without other kind of graphics) will have more chances to be featured for special reports such as our Newsletter, Storefront or Facebook Page .




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