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    Blomming provides you with a script for any of your products or collections. This can be used to integrate your shop into your website or blog pages. You can do this by embedding the code, just as you do with YouTube videos.

    Here’s how to do it:

    1. Click the “embed” button which you find above the image in your product page.

    Scheda Prodotto

    2. A small windows will appear:

    Scegliere colore e dimensione del widget di Blomming

    You can choose colour sets and dimensions.

    3. Then, you can also choose the your default language that will be used by your blog/website visitors:

    • With “Auto” the language will be auto-set to user’s browser default
    • Or choos one of the “flags” to force your preferred language

    You can also change the label of the “Buy” button. By checking the “Button Only” option,  you will get the code that shows only the purchase button: easy to attach to existing photo on your site or in other contexts where the product has already been described.

    Scegliere la lingua e personalizzare il pulsante di checkout sul widget Blomming

    4. Now you just need to copy the code…

    Copiare il codice html del widget di Blomming

    5. …Open the HTML editor of your website/blog and embed your product here. Easy!

    This is how the widget will look like:

    In the lower part of the widget you will find three buttons:

    Home. This always brings you back to the primary visualization of the product: image, title, price.

    Share. The typical symbol of the Share function on the web. By clicking this you can share the product rapidly on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

    Condividi il prodotto dal Widget

    Info. The Information button will show all the details that have been included in the listing: description, stock quantity, shipping costs and payment methods. La descrizione dei prodotti di Blomming dall'embed

    This feature is particularly useful for users who own a website or blog without an e-commerce system: with Blomming it is possible to start selling right away without having to develop or install a proprietary software.

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