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  • Affiliazione, Sales 3 April 2013 francesca

    Thanks to the Social Affiliation Blomming users with a Promoter account can publicise the products they prefer from those put at their disposal by Sellers, with a simple like, Tweet of Pin or with the advanced Blomming functions. Every time a Promoter generates an order, this order is traced thanks to an identification code (Prom ID). The Seller can see the name of the Promoter in the order status page and can take care of the logistics of dealing with an order as always.

    To make sure that the sale procedes correctly the Order is only visible to the Promoter in the moment in which the Seller sets the order as ‘Archived': this means that roder, shipping and payment have all been completed correctly.

    At this point the Promoter will receive an email and will see an increase in the number of sales and amount earned shown on the Dashboard . It is important to remember that for the Promoter to be payed the Affiliation Settings have to be filled in correctly.

    How to Earn

    Money earned on sales is recognized to the Promoter when and if they satisfy the following criteria:

    • The buyer arrives at the shop, or product page, through the Promoters link
    • the commercial transaction is verified by Blomming (via Tracking)
    • The order is completed with the complete satisfaction of the buyer

    The Promoter has a right to the percentage established by the Seller, visible on every product and highlighted by the yellow ribbon. The percentage is relative to the selling price visible on the product page, therefore excluding shipping costs.

    Note: for transparency, we communicate that at Blomming the Seller allows for another commission, of equal measure, but which is not subtracted from that which the Promoter sees on each product.

    How The Payments Function

    Payments relative to the Affiliation system are sent automatically, through PayPal. It is a safe way of sending and receiving payments and, for the moment, the only method we accept. Payments will be sent by Blomming according to the following conditions:

    At the end of each month Vlomming will calculate all the earning of the Promoter. Every time that these earnings are above € 50, the Promoter will receive a communication and within the following 15 days Blomming will pay the receipt or invoice, without incurring any cost to the Promoter and without any interest being paid by Blomming.

    Note: in some cases the tax documentation will be emitted by Blomming, in others it will have to be sent by the Promoter. More information here.

    Particular Cases

    If the amount earned is inferior to € 50, the earnings will be witheld until this threshold is obtained or surpassed. When this occurs the amount will be payed to the Promoter following the procedure outlined above. The Promoter will then receive a subsequent payment when the threshold of  € 50 is once again surpassed.

    If a Promoter, who has earned less than € 50 decides to abandon the Affiliation Program cancelling their account, Blomming will pay for the money earned up to that moment, subtracting € 5 of administration costs. In the case of compensation earned being less than € 5 no money will be recognized to the Promoter

    The Terms of Service for Promoters are accessible at any moment Here.