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    You signed up on Blomming, created your products and begun spreading your shop in every corner of the web: on your site / blog, your Facebook page, etc. Now it’s time to polish the window, and get ready for customers! Each Blomming shop should be treated just like you treat a real shop, a studio or a boutique – because this is it, even if it’s online. Let’s see the key points to make a good impression on anyone visiting your store, and how to show the items for sale in the best possible way.

    The Title. This is the name you give to your products. It is the identity that they bring with them. Its meaning can be an added value that should not be underestimated. Try to hit the mark by choosing a good name, but always remember to find the right length: you can describe the details in the appropriate area. The title should ideally be in part descriptive (to give a clear idea of ​​what you sell) and in part evocative (to customize the object and distinguish it from others).

    The Description. Although in some cases it may seem trivial, it’s very important to always fill in the description field to better explain what kind of product you are proposing. Here are the essential data that should never miss:

    • What is it
    • How big is it
    • What is it made of
    • If you have other versions (for example, various measures: so the eventual buyer is informed, and you can arrange the sale with him at the moment of the order).

    More information is always useful (and sometimes necessary) and can help the buyer in the choice. In addition, a complete description, written correctly and in an appealing way,  will give your product a better chance of being chosen by Blomming for the highlighted sections (like the newsletter, the homepage, and so on).

    Images. The plural is not accidental. In fact Blomming allows you to upload four photos for each product, so that you are able to show it from different points of view and / or in a context. It is an essential business card to attract the interest of new visitors. The image is the primary tool for sales!

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