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  • About Blomming 15 March 2011 admin
    • For any doubts on how Blomming works, or have encountered technical difficulties or simply want to receive more information and tips on how to increase sales, there is no need to eave your Shop: The Blomming Team is here to help. Explain your problem to us and we will respond as soon as possible.
    • If you want to change your username, remember that you have a two week window from the moment in which you registered to do it yourslef from the ‘My Account’ pannel. Otherwise drop us a mail with your desired username, keeping in mind that it has to be a single word without symbols or spaces and that it determines the link to your Shop.
    • If you still want to cancel your Shop (which would be a terrible pity) just write to us at [email protected]. We greatly appreciate all feedback from our users, as these help us improve the services that we offer. If you feel like it just let us know what led you to closing your shop: as whatever you are looking for might just be round the corner in one of our updates!
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