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    Google Analytics is a free service from Google that allows you to monitor and analyze statistics on visits to a website. In this article we will see how to track the progress of your Blomming Shop : Google reports will allow you not only to improve your marketing strategies but also to increase the performance of your E-Commerce.


    1. If you do not have a Google Analytics account, open it here (a Gmail account will be required). Click on Create an Account in the upper right corner, fill in the required fields and then click on Get Tracking ID. On the next page, just select and copy the code. (To see your ID go to Administration> Property Settings )
    2. Access your Blomming Account and go into Settings > Shop Settings. Just paste the Tracking ID in the Google Analytics field.


    Now you can know the number of visits to your Shop and their channel of origin, and also which products are the most clicked to learn the behavior of the visitors. This helps you improve your marketing activities based on actual data. You can track what is happening on your Shop on, on your Facebook Shop or on the Shop embedded in your site or blog.

    For a quick view of the interesting data, we have prepared for you this Dashboard:

    Click on the link to choose the Analytics profile on which to install the template, so you’ll get an overview of visits, transactions and conversion rate.

    Analytics per Blomming

    Moreover, if you are already using a Facebook Marketing Campaign powered by AdEspresso, installing Google Analytics on Blomming allows you to monitor the performance in a direct way.

    For more information about features and potentialities of Google Analytics, please have a look to the official Help Section.

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    If you are reading this then it probably means that you have decided to open Your Shop: congratulations! Being a true Blommer is now a matter of attitude. The definition of Social Commerce suggests that every Seller has to be proactive and show their own identity in order to stand out from the masses. How do you do that? Just follow our 3 golden rules to get started:

    1. Create an account

    To open Your Shop you must subscribe with a personal account by filling in the form on the Home Page or directly on this page. For the sake of comfort we reccomend creating a Blomming and PayPal account simultaneously.

    Some important things to keep in mind:

    • Username. This is the name you will need, coupled with a password, to access your account. It has to be a single word, without spaces or symbols, and it is case sensitive (ie. it distinguishes between capital and non-capital letters). Furthermore, the username is the the public name of the shop (meaning that it is visible to any potential buyer) and therfore determines the link to the shop itself.

    Attention: the Username can be modified from the ‘My Account’ panel within two weeks from registration. If, after this period, you desire to change your Username contact [email protected] requesting an alteration. We do not reccomend changing username as all the links that have been distributed under the previous username will no longer function.

    • Email. Choose your email with care as this email will be used both to login as well as being the destination of all notifications regarding Your Shop, including orders. Your Email can be changed at any moment  from the ‘My Account’ panel. It will only be visible in your Facebook integrated shop in the eventuality that you have not uploaded an image for your shop.

    It is also possible to subscribe with the same emal as is used for Facebook, this helps speed up the login process and does not in any way preclude or hinder the managing of Your Shop on Facebook.

    2. An image and location

    Adding information about you will help people visiting Your Shop, who do not know you, to trust you more. From the ‘My Account’ panel you can load a profile image and Your Shops whereabouts. The size limit for your Photo is of 700kb and the precise size is 75×75 pixel(although larger images are re-sized automatically).

    3. Information about Your Shop

    Using the panel: Settings > Store settings you can upload a store logo: this is the image that will appear when Checking out of an order and on Your integrated Facebook store. Images must be at least 95px high and 100px wide and usually represent your brand in some way. You may also insert an external link (URL), for exampple to your website or blog, so that these can be accessed by clicking on your chosen image.

    Don’t be shy, start uploading your awesome products so that everybody can see them, share them, love them, buy them! The fun has only just begun…

    Happy Blomming

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    It can happen that for a certain period of time you cannot manage your Blomming Shop. For example when you are on vacation or sick or just when you are busy with other activities (such as fairs or other events).

    Store Settings in your Blomming Shop

    So, what can you do to avoid missing an order in that timeframe?
    Simply turn on the Vacation Mode, by going on Settings > Store Settings. At the bottom of the page tick the box to enable the mode.

    Now you can select the dates (from…to…) and type a message that will be shown highlighted in yellow at the top of your Shop in that period: the Shop will be active and you will be able to receive orders regularly, but that alert will inform customers that their items will be shipped with a little delay.

    How to Set the Vacantion Mode on your Blomming Shop

    Finally, remember to click on the Save button: if the operation is successful a message will confirm you that the settings were updated successfully.
    And here is how the shop will appear over the “holiday” period. Easy, isn’t it?

    Vacation Mode on Blomming Shop

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  • Store settings 23 May 2012 admin

    Blomming offers a simple yet powerful multi-currency feature, available on all Blomming Shops (and products, of course). The idea, as always in all Blomming, is to be as fast as possibile: every Seller can choose his or her own currency of preference. But, as visitors can come from all over the world, every person who navigate the site – also know as a potential Buyer – can see the prices in her or his own preferred value too. In case of a purchase, the final conversion depends on the payment system of choice. Here it is:

    For Sellers

    change currency when you open a shopWhen you open a new Shop on Blomming you will be able to choose the currency in which you want your Shop to operate by default. It is the option that you see in the small image here at the left. But, both for existing shop-keepers or in case you want to change the currency you work with, you can always do this using a specific feature in the Settings page:

    change the currency of your shop whenever you want

    The currency change of existing products may take some time. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the process has ended. From that time on, your customers will see the products you put on sale in the currency you prefer. Furthermore, they can also choose the currency they prefer as an additional visualization feature. If you already have a Shop on Blomming, you can change your settings immediately clicking here.

    For Buyers

    you can see prices in the currency you prefer while shopping on blommingEveryone, while navigating Blomming, will see the original price in the currency chosen by the Seller. And, can also set another currency in order to see prices in his or her preferred value. Here at the left you can see an example of a price originally set in Euro by the Shop owner, but automatically converted in US Dollars for convenience.

    Please note: the conversion is made using an external, industry standard service provider for this kind of information, and it is updated four times a day.

    When a purchase is done

    When you actually buy a product from a Blomming Shop, the final currency will be the one of the Shop owners. An exact conversion will be made by the payment system you will chose – e.g. PayPal or the bank you will use for bank transfer.

    Please note: the payment systems are external service, not affiliated with Blomming, and use their internal conversion rates. Blomming cannot guarantee that the final price payed is effectively the same as shown on the site. Only the original price set by the Shop owners should be taken in consideration.

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  • Sales, Store settings 23 March 2011 admin

    Header account BlommingCreating a shop with Blomming is fast and easy. After signing up… just load the first product! By clicking on the orange button on the top of the page Upload Product you enter the screen below (or just click here):

    Upload a product

    Image. From here you can upload (up to four files at once) the main picture of your product. Please note that you can change it later if needed. To be accepted by the system images must have a minimum width or height of 640 pixels. This is meant to show your product in the best way. It is better to use good resolution images: the system will then automatically resize them. Any visitor of your page will have a good impression of your product by activating the “zoom” function.

    Title. It’s the product name. Choose it carefully! It should be descriptive and particular at the same time, to distinguish your product from all the others.

    Price. It’s the price of a single product, no shipping costs. You can choose the currency you prefer in your Shop Settings.

    Shipping Profiles. These are used to define packaging and shipping costs once and for all, and then associate them quickly to each new product. The first time you create a product – you only will see “Free Shipping”: we have already set it for you. Then you can create and customize all the Shipping Profiles you need in the Shop Settings ( to this address ). Find more information in this article of our help.

    Categories. These are used to display the product in the right place on the Categories section of Blomming Storefront. Try to select the appropriate category for your product from the drop down menu.

    Visibility. Here you can enable or disable the visibility and then the sale of each product: indeed, by selecting “Hide” only the owner of the store will be able to see the product in the shop’s gallery, while the product will be visible to all by selecting “Published”.

    After clicking on Create Product the page will look like this:

    Product Page on Blomming

    Now you have to add the Description and the Tags, which are very important both to give complete information to the potential buyers and to appear properly in search results. Remember to enable at least one Payment Method to make the product sellable. You can also decide to apply a discount or to insert the product in a Collection, which is a convenient way to group your products.

    Of course the administration functions of the shop are only visible if you are logged into your account, and are invisible to other users.

    Now that the first product is ready to be sold… what are you waiting to load the next?

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  • Store settings 15 March 2011 admin

    1) Usernames are chosen when you create a Blomming shop and are used, together with a password, to access your account. It has to be a single word, without spaces or symbols, and is ‘case sensitive’, ie. it distinguishes between capital and non-capital letters. Usernames are visible to all and they determine the link to your shop.

    Usernames can only be modified in the first two weeks from registration by going to the ‘My Account’ pannel. For any change in username after this two week period contact [email protected]

    Attention: Changing your username affects all links to your shop. This means that any link or embed code you have used up until the change in username will no longer function.

    2) Shop Names appear in the checkout fase of any order on a shop that is integrated in Facebook. In this case it is permitted to include spaces or symbols. The name can be generated from the ‘Settings’ pannel: Settings > Store Settings, where it is also possible to load an image (shop logo) and a link to an external website (for example your personal website). If you do not choose an image, your registration email will appear in this field.

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