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    Every seller takes care of their own stock of Products, for their Blomming Shop, and they take care of Shipping orders autonomously of Blomming.

    Shipping profiles are needed to add the costs of shipping to the price of a product on sale and they can be set from your profile by going to Settings > Shipping profiles (here)

    Shipping Profiles are a way to streamline the process of adding packaging and shipping costs to each of your listings. They are intended to make your life easier, as you may define a number of standard costs and quickly associate them to the product during the Upload of a new product. Your shipping profiles can be modified for each single object from the product page. The final price for the buyer will therefore be the cost of the item, plus the cost of shipping.

    As of default there is a ‘Free Shipping’ profile: you can create all kinds of Shipping Profiles to meet all of your needs and our system will automatically calculate the final cost. At the moment it is only possible to associate one shipping profile per product.

    How to Calculate Shipping Costs

    To calculate shipping costs you have to consider various variables:

    • size and weight
    • type of shipping and courier
    • location from where items are shipped
    • location where items are shipped to

    Costs vary according to the type of courier chosen, however if you use postal services the costs are fixed for standard packages up to a certain weight and size.

    Creating a Shipping Profile

    If you click on ‘Create a new Shipping Profile’ this is what will appear:

    For each type of shipping it is possible to associate different prices according to the nation or region to which the item is to be sent: the system will then automatically choose the correct price on the basis of the information inserted by the buyer at the moment of order. As in the case shown below:

    Costi spedizione Italia - Europa

    Shipping multiple items

    In certain cases it is possible to save the buyer some money. For small products the cost of shipping one or two items is the same. As in this example:

    In the case of Priority Mail the cost of Shipping depends on weight. This implies that the cost of shipping one or more objects, within limits, is the same. This setting allows you to say: ‘For this delivery you will spend 12 euros wether you buy one item or two.’

    Registered mail on the other hand can only contain one object per Shipping. Therefore:

    If you buy an item with this shipping profile it will cost 6 euros. However, if you add another object two different packages will be needed and by consequence the total cost will be greater.

    In other words: if a buyer buys two parts to the same product the shipping cost will be calculated by adding the main price of shipping and the secondary price of shipping.

    And what about if you need to ship multiple and different items?

    Calculating the overall price of shipping on multiple orders

    The option ‘If shipped with another product’ is used if you want to bring down the overrall cost of shipping in the case of a buyer acquiring more than one product from your shop. In the pannel you should indicate the increment in price of shipping costs per added item. This has to be judged by the seller on the basis of items being sold and the type of shipping he intends to use.

    In the case of multiple items being acquired in your shop, for the overall costs of shipping one must consider the highest price for shipping of all the products in the shopping cart, to which you add the secondary cost of shipping of all the other items in the card.

    >> If you do not want to add secondary shipping costs in the case of multiple items being purchased, the pannel ‘if shipped with another item’ will be filled out with 0.00 euros, otherwise the primary cost of each object will be used.

    For Example: if you have three objects in your cart, two of product A and one of product B. Product A’s primary shipping cost is of 6€ and secondary shipping cost is of 3€. Product B’s shipping cost has a primary cost at 5€ and secondary at 0€. The price of of shipping will be: 6€ (highest shipping cost between products A and B) + 3€ (secondary cost of shipping product A) + 0€ (secondary shipping cost of product B) = 9€


    When a shipping profile is associated to a product, the details are simply copied (not linked), so as to allow changes on the product sheeet of that item. This means that if you modify a Shipping Profile from the Settings pannel, these changes will not affect the items already associated with that shipping profile.

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