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    One of the easiest and most powerful tools to promote the products chosen is sharing them on Social Networks. After log in your account, click on one of the product that you have chosen (with the yellow ribbon) to see the details of it.

    Between the title and the picture of the item are located the buttons for sharing on the main Social Network, they are useful to directly share the product online, adding a personal touch and – most important of all: they automatically include on the link your PromID code, a personal promoter code that identifies each promoter in the event of sale.


    Pinterest, the most famous visual social network. Click on “Pin It” will open a pop up that allows you to choose in which board of your Pinterest account you would like to publish the product, but also leaves you full freedom to add your comments, hash-tags and keywords to allow your Pin to be found by all users. (Note for pro-Uses: You can use your Board as thematic collections of you products by publishing the Pin directly on Twitter)

    PIN IT

    Facebook is the most used social network in the world with unbelievable numbers: there are a lot of contenent going into each user News-feed at the same time, so each post must be carefully written in order to attract attention! When you click on the “Like” button always remember to add a personal comment: this way, you customize the link that is going to your profile page and have more chances to engage your friends.


    For posting on Google+ you just need to spend as much time as a click: choose the circles who might be more interested in the product that you are sharing, and seeks to involve those who follow you. One way to do so? Ask a question.


    With Twitter another important factor comes to play: the ability to fit everything you want to say in just 140 characters. When you click on the button, the tweet is automatically generated based on the title of the product but it can easily be modified, for example by adding the hashtags. Use the hashtags (#) to suggest products and to promote flash initiatives (Tip for the pros: use a tool for the creation of short url, eg: Bitly, and then get visibility by mentioning the account @blomming ).


    Finally, a useful tool that can be used on the entire web: the permalinks. A unique link to share wherever you want. Just click on it – it becomes yellow – to copy automatically. To share it you just have to paste it on your blog, website,  email, in the comments and everywhere that could be of interest to your audience.

    Happy Sharing!


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  • Embed, Products, Tutorial 22 May 2013 admin

    When you add a product it is important that you include crucial information on the product sheet: Description and TAGS. A Tag is a label, or key-word, that describes the product: these are essential and extremely useful so as to be index-linked by search engines such as the one present on the Blomming Storefront. Using Tags appropriately will help gain visibility and assist potential clients in finding what they are looking for. Go on reading! 


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  • Affiliazione, Sales, Sharing 18 April 2013 admin

    time for social affiliation-social affiliation on blomming-social affiliation

    Social Commerce just keeps on innovating itself! We have just launched a very important development for your Blomming Shop: it’s called Social Affiliation.

    Enter your account and go to the new ‘Promote’ section. Thanks to our Affiliation System you can allow other Bloggers and Social Media Lovers to publicise your products, guaranteeing a comission – which you can choose – in the case of a sale. This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your shop exponentially … and therefore your profits!

    promote on blomming-social affiliation-promoter

    What is the Affiliation

    You can allow other users that are registered on Blomming, namely ‘Promoters’, to sell products from your shop on their own Website, Blog, Facebook page or simply on any Social Media, just as you yourself do. With this system you garuntee a percentage of the sale price of a product (excluding shipping costs): for every item sold through the Affiliation, the promoter and Blomming will split the percentage, that you have decided, equally.

    (For example: with a 10% gain on a product, you are guaranteeing 5% for Blomming and 5% for the promoter.)

    Settings and Practical Information

    Activating the Affiliation is free. You can set it up easily by going to Settings > Affiliation (Here)

    affiliation settings

    • Choose the percentage of the price of the product that you want to give as a commission(minimum of 4%). This percentage will reamin the same for all products on your Shop and will be visible to Promoters in a separate display, together with other ‘promotable’ items of other sellers.
    • Carefully fill out your personal details as indicated in the form
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions, Save and Connect to PayPal to activate

    It is necessary to connect your Shop to PayPal (in a different way from that which regards the ‘Payment Methods’) so as to send profits to Promoters automatically (this happens at the end of each month, and only in the case of prooducts being sold through the Affiliation). If you do not have a PayPal account you can easily create one.

    Why it Works

    Each Day every one of you shares things on your Social Media networks, blogs or websites, which you like – news, images, objects – and you recommend them to friends and followers. In this way you are creating around yourself a ‘community’, a ‘liquid’ network that is constantly growing and meets with the networks of others, creating conversations in which potentially millions of people are participating simultaneously. Recognizing a commission on the sale of your products, incentivizes others to share, therefore increasing the exposure of your Shop and by consequence your sales.

    A natural extension to Your Shop. The Affiliation According to Blomming

    We believe that this system can help everyone. Those who sell online can gain a hand from their community, which will boost sales. It is, after all, Social Commerce. For those who don’t have a shop but are active on the internet – you are the Social Media Lover, or blogger or online publisher – it is a way to monetize the sharing of products that you like. At a difference to other affiliation programs, in fact, this is the first case in which those who Promote can choose the products that they prefer accordoing to their own tastes, and therefore showing their community only that which they deem fit.

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  • Dashboard, Embed, Facebook, Sharing 7 January 2013 admin

    Every seller has their own method of handling products and orders for their Shop, and of course every Blommer can choose how to promote their products online. We have designed a useful multitask Dashboard to help you keep track of your orders on Blomming, update the stock within your Shop, review existing articles, share your products via Social Media Channels, tell your friends to join Blomming and much more…

    Here’s a preview of Blomming’s Dashboard Panel:

    As can be seen from the top section of the page you are immediately involved in the ‘social’ aspect of Blomming: you can invite friends so as to earn a special badge.

    Immediately beneath this we have a view of the most recent products loaded on your shop and a direct access to it, as well as direct access to an archive of all your orders and including those that are still being processed, which allows you to manage all the various fases of an order. A very common question among Sellers is “What happens when an order is made?”.

    On the right hand side of the Dashboard you will find the Settings (which allow you to manage shipping profiles, payment options etc.) and Publishing Options.

    Thanks to these tools you can share your products with your current Community and therefore reach a vast amount of potential clients who interact in Social Networks around the world, ‘interconnecting’ thousands of conversations that are constantly occurring online.

    In fact, Blomming allows you to have 3 Shops in 1: how is this possible? You can have your dedicated space in, sell directly from your website or blog and last but not least, you can easily integrate your Shop within your Facebook Page. This allows you to sell from all three shops whilst managing everything from one place.

    It’s all about Sharing:

    As you already know, the fastest and most efficient way to promote your Shop and therefore increase your sales is sharing your items via Social Media. Blomming helps you to do this with several Social Tools integrated in the platform. We always suggest our Blommers share their Shops or single products, check out this interesting article that explains everything about Sharing and start spreading the word :)

    Happy Blomming!

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  • Dashboard, Sharing 4 January 2013 admin

    Are you a Social influencer? If so, keep reading!

    This is not the classic “Invite a friend” feature, we are a Social E-Commerce and we want to grant our most popular Blommers with a distinction to recognize their social activity and influence. If three of your friends join Blomming and become Sellers, your Shop will display the “Social Blommer” badge, how cool is that!?

    Remember that a true “Social Blommer” will not only increase its Shop visibility by receiving more visits (and orders!) but also become a real influencer, a Seller who influences Blomming’s Community of talents.

    If you like Blomming, feel comfortable with the system and want to share your passion with other creatives, maybe you will be able to introduce them to the concept of a fresh, innovative, powerful platform to join and enjoy.

    Read this article about “What is Blomming and How it Works” to get a general overview of our Social philosophy.

    Happy Blomming!

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  • Embed, Sharing 10 April 2012 admin

    The Embed system of Blomming works properly on all major blog services including WordPress, but in the “hosted” version (the one offered on  the possibility to run our plugin has not yet been issued by WordPress itself (iframe code is not currently supported as explained here).

    For this reason people with a blog on have problems displaying the embed of their shops/items, but it can be used on the standalone version (the one downloadable from

    We are working to shorten the process of integration with this version of WordPress.

    If you have a blog on, learn here how to embed the individual products and here how to integrate the entire shop.

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  • Embed 10 November 2011 admin

    Embed your online shop in your website or blogONce you have created a Blomming shop you can also integrate it with (on top of your facebook page) your Blog or website, selling directly from there and managing everything centrally. This function is called ‘Embed’ and it is very similar to what occurs when you want to integrate a YouTube video in a post: you copy the iframe code which is automatically generated and you paste it in the html editor of your blog or website, on the page in which you want to insert your e-commerce.

    Let’s see how this works in more detail. You can arrive at the page where the embed code is created in two ways:

    1. click on the green icon (like the one at the beginning of this article) present in the right hand column of your shop below the ‘All Products’ label
    2. Going to your account, Dashboard > Publishing Options (or by clicking ‘Publish’ directly in the top menu)

    By clicking on ‘Go’ in the ‘Sell on the web’ section you will be redirected to this page, where you can create and personalize your code.


    In a few simple steps you can visualize your entire shop on your website, or just the products related to a collection or tag (this option is only available for sellers and not for Promoters). Just click on the area that interests you.


    Afterwards, you can define width and height of the Shop you want to create, depending on the page size in which you will embed it. The default size is usually the optimal one. You can also choose a specific language to use (if “Auto” the system will behave as on Blomming, allowing this choice to the final user). Finally, you can choose to show or not name and logo of your own Shop (which you can set in Settings > Shop Settings).


    You can also personalize the font and colours of your Shop, in order to make it as integrated within your website or blog as possible.


    At the bottom of the page you can find the preview of the selection you have made. When you think everything is ready, just copy the code at point 4 and paste it in the web page you prefer – of course, remember to use the HTML editor.

    There you go!

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  • Embed, Products, Tutorial 4 July 2011 admin

    For those who have a Blomming shop with numerous products or with different categories of products, it can be useful to have an instrument that helps surf through these and manage them better. Collections are for these very needs: they are thematic groupings of products that are useful in organizing your shop and directing clients towards their desires. When should you make use of the Collections function? For example in a shop that deals in clothing, where it is useful to distinguish between ‘male’ and ‘female’, ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ etc. Collections are also useful for products that pertain to a particular event such as ‘Christmas’, ‘St. Valentine’s’, ‘Discounts’ and all sorts of categorizing needs. 


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  • Facebook, Sharing 15 March 2011 admin

    One of the fastest and most efficient way to promote your shop and increase your sales is sharing your items. Blomming is very well connected with social networks and there are several interaction features both for the whole shop and the single item.

    You will find more detailed information about opening a shop in the article:How to Sell a Product: creating a shop.

    Let’s check together which Social tools you have in Blomming:

    1. Share the Whole Shop

    Condividere l'intero shop Blomming

    On the right column of your Blomming shop you will find the “social” buttons about your whole shop. Users who come to visit your shop can click on Facebook’s Like (the news will be shared on his/her Facebook wall), share the shop’s link on his/her Twitter account and do the same with the +1 on the Google Plus.

    The orange icon is the universal symbol to identify the Rss feed. The Rss feeds allow websites to spread brand new content: using a reader, i.e. Google Reader, you can sign up for a shop’s feed to automatically receive a notification each time new products are upload.

    This option is available also for single collections in the shops.

    2. Share single Item

    La barra dei social network nella scheda prodotto su Blomming

    Inside every item’s page you will find a bar designed for social medias, on the left side of the main picture. This is a fast and powerful way to spread your products on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google + and more (check the options clicking on the orange button + Share). The number of each button is the sharing level and success reached on the different platforms.

    Remember that a big part of this success comes from the completeness of the listings: writing a nice description and the right tags is crucial to supply the potential customers with all the information and also to appear in the search engine results.

    Inserire Descrizione e Tag nelle schede prodotto su blomming

    3. Facebook: Like, Comment and Send

    Facebook Buttons for sharing

    At the bottom of every item’s page, under the shipping’s profiles and payment’s methods details, you will find sharing tools designed for Facebook. There are various options.

    Like. By clicking on “Like” the system will produce a message on your wall: “(your name) likes this”, followed by the image, the title and the product link available for your friends to see.

    When you click it will appear a window in which you can write a text that will show up on the wall of your Facebook page with the link. This option is connected to the “Like” button of the side bar concerning the social network, left side of the image: the total Like is the same.

    Naturally the more “Like” you receive the more value and popularity your products get.

    Send.the “Send” button helps you share the product’s link, together with a messagge, to one or more friends, to a whole group you joined or to specific e-mail address. Sharing products links on friends’ wall will increase greatly the visibility of your products.

    Add a comment. you can create a new post on your Facebook wall, that will be visible to your friend, also by adding a comment to you product in your Blomming shop (Blomming website). In this case, on your Facebook Timeline will appear a link to your shop, without any image. Every comment you receive on Facebook will be visible o Blomming too.

    Attention: Facebook comments are not connected with the Seller profile, so he/she will not receive any notifications on comments posted about his/her product. If you would like to have any information about the product, please contact him/her directly with the function “contact the seller”, under the shop’s name.

    4. Sharing

    You can post directly on your Facebook page and profile, or on your friends’ pages and profiles, your shop’s link, your items’ link, your colletions’ link. Tip: It is a good idea to always add a greeting or a short presentation of yourself, when posting a link.

    >>For a deep integration with Facebook read how to link your shop to your Facebook page and sell directly from there in this article in the Help section: ”How to create a shop on your Facebook page.”

    Social networks are a great way to advertise your shop and increase your sales!

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  • Products, Sharing 15 March 2011 admin

    Your shop’s page is public and you can easily share the link the way you prefer:

    • The link to your shop is:[username]/items

    • The link to the single products in your Shop is:[username]/items/[product-title]

    The words of the title are separated by the symbol “-“.

    • You can also use tags to present grups of products:[username]/items/tag/[tag name]

    Happy Blomming!

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