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    Blomming offers to sellers the ability to sell their products beyond their own country. What better target for a seller then the global one? To be able to make it happen we need to do the basic settings to facilitate transactions: the most important is certainly the creation of appropriate methods of payment.
    The methods of payment available at Blomming are diverse, including PayPal, the safest and most practical way available at almost all countries. But what about those countries where PayPal is not operating yet?
    There is no need to worry, this will not block the rising of your business! In these cases, the  safest and most economical payment instrument remains the use of bank transfers. Today make an international transfer is as simple as do a  national one. Thanks to the evolution of the SWIFT system, transfers money to and from foreign countries are now easier and cheaper.

    Paymants 1

    Once you check the option bank transfer, 2 fields are required:Bank Account Number or IBAN: it is precisely the space devoted to the account number. It is, in short, a number known internationally that uniquely identify the recipient, and therefore  able to credit the amounts transferred without errors. The IBAN consists for a variable number of characters, up to a maximum of 34. In Italy, the IBAN is composed of 27 fields. You can check the number of characters of the IBAN of your country here

    Note: For those countries not participating in the standardization system IBAN, you can enter the equivalent values ​​. For example, in India the standard IFSC is used, the CLABE in Mexico, Argentina the equivalent is the CBU, while in other countries without specific standardization such as Brazil and Malaysia you just need to enter the account number.

    • BIC or SWIFT: the Bank Identifier Code is a identification code used worldwide. While the IBAN is enough for a national operation for the countries that use this system, for an international money transfer it is essential to use SWIFT code. Generally consists of a variable number of characters between 8 and 11 consisting of numbers and letters. To know the BIC relative to your bank you can refer to this link.

    Paymants 2

    At this point you just have to enter your personal data in order to let your customers choose postal order or bank transfer as a payment method to pay you. We will send your information only to those buyers which have chosen to pay you with one of these methods

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    time for social affiliation-social affiliation on blomming-social affiliation

    Social Commerce just keeps on innovating itself! We have just launched a very important development for your Blomming Shop: it’s called Social Affiliation.

    Enter your account and go to the new ‘Promote’ section. Thanks to our Affiliation System you can allow other Bloggers and Social Media Lovers to publicise your products, guaranteeing a comission – which you can choose – in the case of a sale. This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your shop exponentially … and therefore your profits!

    promote on blomming-social affiliation-promoter

    What is the Affiliation

    You can allow other users that are registered on Blomming, namely ‘Promoters’, to sell products from your shop on their own Website, Blog, Facebook page or simply on any Social Media, just as you yourself do. With this system you garuntee a percentage of the sale price of a product (excluding shipping costs): for every item sold through the Affiliation, the promoter and Blomming will split the percentage, that you have decided, equally.

    (For example: with a 10% gain on a product, you are guaranteeing 5% for Blomming and 5% for the promoter.)

    Settings and Practical Information

    Activating the Affiliation is free. You can set it up easily by going to Settings > Affiliation (Here)

    affiliation settings

    • Choose the percentage of the price of the product that you want to give as a commission(minimum of 4%). This percentage will reamin the same for all products on your Shop and will be visible to Promoters in a separate display, together with other ‘promotable’ items of other sellers.
    • Carefully fill out your personal details as indicated in the form
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions, Save and Connect to PayPal to activate

    It is necessary to connect your Shop to PayPal (in a different way from that which regards the ‘Payment Methods’) so as to send profits to Promoters automatically (this happens at the end of each month, and only in the case of prooducts being sold through the Affiliation). If you do not have a PayPal account you can easily create one.

    Why it Works

    Each Day every one of you shares things on your Social Media networks, blogs or websites, which you like – news, images, objects – and you recommend them to friends and followers. In this way you are creating around yourself a ‘community’, a ‘liquid’ network that is constantly growing and meets with the networks of others, creating conversations in which potentially millions of people are participating simultaneously. Recognizing a commission on the sale of your products, incentivizes others to share, therefore increasing the exposure of your Shop and by consequence your sales.

    A natural extension to Your Shop. The Affiliation According to Blomming

    We believe that this system can help everyone. Those who sell online can gain a hand from their community, which will boost sales. It is, after all, Social Commerce. For those who don’t have a shop but are active on the internet – you are the Social Media Lover, or blogger or online publisher – it is a way to monetize the sharing of products that you like. At a difference to other affiliation programs, in fact, this is the first case in which those who Promote can choose the products that they prefer accordoing to their own tastes, and therefore showing their community only that which they deem fit.

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    Thanks to the Social Affiliation Blomming users with a Promoter account can publicise the products they prefer from those put at their disposal by Sellers, with a simple like, Tweet of Pin or with the advanced Blomming functions. Every time a Promoter generates an order, this order is traced thanks to an identification code (Prom ID). The Seller can see the name of the Promoter in the order status page and can take care of the logistics of dealing with an order as always.

    To make sure that the sale procedes correctly the Order is only visible to the Promoter in the moment in which the Seller sets the order as ‘Archived': this means that roder, shipping and payment have all been completed correctly.

    At this point the Promoter will receive an email and will see an increase in the number of sales and amount earned shown on the Dashboard . It is important to remember that for the Promoter to be payed the Affiliation Settings have to be filled in correctly.

    How to Earn

    Money earned on sales is recognized to the Promoter when and if they satisfy the following criteria:

    • The buyer arrives at the shop, or product page, through the Promoters link
    • the commercial transaction is verified by Blomming (via Tracking)
    • The order is completed with the complete satisfaction of the buyer

    The Promoter has a right to the percentage established by the Seller, visible on every product and highlighted by the yellow ribbon. The percentage is relative to the selling price visible on the product page, therefore excluding shipping costs.

    Note: for transparency, we communicate that at Blomming the Seller allows for another commission, of equal measure, but which is not subtracted from that which the Promoter sees on each product.

    How The Payments Function

    Payments relative to the Affiliation system are sent automatically, through PayPal. It is a safe way of sending and receiving payments and, for the moment, the only method we accept. Payments will be sent by Blomming according to the following conditions:

    At the end of each month Vlomming will calculate all the earning of the Promoter. Every time that these earnings are above € 50, the Promoter will receive a communication and within the following 15 days Blomming will pay the receipt or invoice, without incurring any cost to the Promoter and without any interest being paid by Blomming.

    Note: in some cases the tax documentation will be emitted by Blomming, in others it will have to be sent by the Promoter. More information here.

    Particular Cases

    If the amount earned is inferior to € 50, the earnings will be witheld until this threshold is obtained or surpassed. When this occurs the amount will be payed to the Promoter following the procedure outlined above. The Promoter will then receive a subsequent payment when the threshold of  € 50 is once again surpassed.

    If a Promoter, who has earned less than € 50 decides to abandon the Affiliation Program cancelling their account, Blomming will pay for the money earned up to that moment, subtracting € 5 of administration costs. In the case of compensation earned being less than € 5 no money will be recognized to the Promoter

    The Terms of Service for Promoters are accessible at any moment Here.

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    You can create your own Special Offers applying a Discounted Price to a product. It is pretty simple to do. Under the price of the product you can find the link Manage discount. When selected, the following window will open:


    You can define the discount to apply to the original price. This is also the only data that you cannot modify in this panel. For the discount, otherwise, you can change freely:

    • The discounted price
    • The percentage
    • Or you can use the sliding cursor

    In every case, the system will recalculate the final price. The result will appear like this:


    Happy Blomming!

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    Header account BlommingCreating a shop with Blomming is fast and easy. After signing up… just load the first product! By clicking on the orange button on the top of the page Upload Product you enter the screen below (or just click here):

    Upload a product

    Image. From here you can upload (up to four files at once) the main picture of your product. Please note that you can change it later if needed. To be accepted by the system images must have a minimum width or height of 640 pixels. This is meant to show your product in the best way. It is better to use good resolution images: the system will then automatically resize them. Any visitor of your page will have a good impression of your product by activating the “zoom” function.

    Title. It’s the product name. Choose it carefully! It should be descriptive and particular at the same time, to distinguish your product from all the others.

    Price. It’s the price of a single product, no shipping costs. You can choose the currency you prefer in your Shop Settings.

    Shipping Profiles. These are used to define packaging and shipping costs once and for all, and then associate them quickly to each new product. The first time you create a product – you only will see “Free Shipping”: we have already set it for you. Then you can create and customize all the Shipping Profiles you need in the Shop Settings ( to this address ). Find more information in this article of our help.

    Categories. These are used to display the product in the right place on the Categories section of Blomming Storefront. Try to select the appropriate category for your product from the drop down menu.

    Visibility. Here you can enable or disable the visibility and then the sale of each product: indeed, by selecting “Hide” only the owner of the store will be able to see the product in the shop’s gallery, while the product will be visible to all by selecting “Published”.

    After clicking on Create Product the page will look like this:

    Product Page on Blomming

    Now you have to add the Description and the Tags, which are very important both to give complete information to the potential buyers and to appear properly in search results. Remember to enable at least one Payment Method to make the product sellable. You can also decide to apply a discount or to insert the product in a Collection, which is a convenient way to group your products.

    Of course the administration functions of the shop are only visible if you are logged into your account, and are invisible to other users.

    Now that the first product is ready to be sold… what are you waiting to load the next?

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    The Blomming  Marketplace gathers all of our sellers products that are using the Free Plan, and those that are using one of the other payment plans (either Revenue Share or Monthly Subscription) with the Social Marketplace option activated.

    You can get there from the Blomming Home Page by clicking on ‘Explore’…
    Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.53.20 PM
    …alternatively if you are already logged into your Shop, just click on ‘Buy’ with the shopping cart symbol.
    Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.55.39 PM
    Our Marketplace is devised so as to offer simple and interesting navigation tools, as well as the possibility of freely searching for shops and products.

    Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 4.58.02 PM

    The top menu presents itself with a variety of options:

    • Offers: our best products on offer (chosen by the Blomming Team)
    • Collections: a thematic selection to discover the products of our marketplace (chosen by the Blomming Team)
    • Shops: our prettiest most interesting and best presented shops (chosen by the Blomming Team)
    • Categories: to navigate all products according to interests. Each seller assigns a Category for each product loaded in their shop

    You can also click on the coloured buttons to discover products according to other criteria

    • Our Picks: all the best items(chosen by the Blomming Team)
    • Best Sellers: the items of Sellers who make the most sales
    • Most Liked: the items that have the highest number of ‘likes’ on Facebook

    Furthermore, in the various sections and in the results of the search engine it is possible to apply filters so as to find products that interest you more efficiently.

    Screen shot 2013-05-31 at 5.17.53 PM

    Information and recommendations for curating your Shop and appearing effectively in our Marketplace in these articles:

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    Blomming is a system for selling online directly: anyone can sign up and sell anything, in few minutes. What makes Blomming special is that it is designed to sell even through those online places where you already have an online presence – that is your website, blog or social network.

    In other words, Blomming combines E-Commerce with Social Media, and that’s why we talk about Social Commerce. Example giving: once the Shop is created, an Embed code becomes available in order to allow users to bring the functions of electronic commerce onto any website or blog, just like you’re used to do for YouTube videos.

    Blomming is also tightly integrated with Facebook: not only you can automatically show links to products through Like, Share or Comments, but you can also set up a real Shop that shows your Blomming products within your Facebook Page, and sell directly from there.

    The idea is simple: you just have to upload a photo of the product, add the price and a little more information, and you’re ready to sell:

    1. On your blog / website or on those of your friends by copying and pasting the embed code of the product on sale
    2. Directly on your Blomming page
    3. On a Facebook Page

    Let’s see what happens on Blomming. Once you have uploaded a few products, your shop will look like this:

    Shop Blomming

    This page is public and you can share this web address with whoever you want. By clicking on any product, you will land on the product page, which appears like this:

    Product Page on Blomming

    This also has a public web address and is ready for sale. Indeed, those who want to buy the product will simply click Add to Cart to activate the procedure in the browser. See below:

    Carrello acquisti su Blomming

    The purchasing process is activated by clicking Checkout, with the security and reliability of a safe E-Commerce system of the highest quality. The system, with all the needed features and measures, is the same if you sell your products directly from, from your website or blog by using the Embed or from a Facebook Page using the app Blomming Storefront.

    Here is the embed of a single product:


    Here is the embed of the whole Shop:

    And here is the Shop integrated in the Blomming Facebook Page:

    Shop Blomming integrato in Facebook

    To empty the Cart and close it you must select Clear Cart. If you want to go on with the puchasing, just click on Checkout: on the next step your data will be required for shipping. At this point, if you want, you can proceed with the payment: the mug will arrive, don’t worry!

    This is just a brief introduction to help you take the first steps into the world of Blomming, but there are many other features which are explained in the other sections of this Help. Are you interested in Blomming gadgets? Visit our Shop!

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