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  • Once you discover the Marketplace dedicated to the Promoter, and refined our search with the filters, there are still many surprises to discover the best of Blomming. A Promoter knows how important it is to stay up to date on the latest news to astonish their community. And what better way than to visit our Marketplace? A true showcase constantly updated.

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    Clicking in the section Our Picks, you’ll have a selection of the most original, innovative products of our entire platform. This area is daily updated by our Editorial Team. This section can help you choose through the use of filters and do not forget to check the “Only Promotable Items” filter that you’ll find in the menu on the left!

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    In the top menu you will find the offers section, ideal for lovers of discounts. In this continuously updated area you will find  all the items that our sellers have decided to offer on a super-affordable price! Through the use of filters you can then find the most suited categories of the product  to your community.

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    In the Best Sellers area, marked by a green ribbon in the Marketplace, you’ll find those items which have already been a big success in purchases and that we think your followers might like too ! If you want you can speed up your search by using the display line as we did from the menu at the top right, you will have a more organized arrange of the products.

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    Finally, marked by a blue ribbon, you can find out the selection of Most Liked. You, as a promoter , knows more than anyone else the importance of social networks, especially Facebook. In this section you will find all those articles that have already received a great appreciation on the form of various Like!

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    From the top menu you can view other categories of research, useful for navigating the discovery of attractive products:

    • Collections:  If your community have a clear idea or subject of interest, you can rely on our thematic collections. You will find products selected by our team of the most beautiful shops of Blomming about a certain theme. Discover them all!
    • Shop. In this section you can get a view of those shops which have distinguished for quality, creativity and reliability. Among them there is also our Top Shops and our Guaranteed Shops.
    • Categories. Here you’ll have to glance a gallery of products Blomming divided into themes.

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    One of the easiest and most powerful tools to promote the products chosen is sharing them on Social Networks. After log in your account, click on one of the product that you have chosen (with the yellow ribbon) to see the details of it.

    Between the title and the picture of the item are located the buttons for sharing on the main Social Network, they are useful to directly share the product online, adding a personal touch and – most important of all: they automatically include on the link your PromID code, a personal promoter code that identifies each promoter in the event of sale.


    Pinterest, the most famous visual social network. Click on “Pin It” will open a pop up that allows you to choose in which board of your Pinterest account you would like to publish the product, but also leaves you full freedom to add your comments, hash-tags and keywords to allow your Pin to be found by all users. (Note for pro-Uses: You can use your Board as thematic collections of you products by publishing the Pin directly on Twitter)

    PIN IT

    Facebook is the most used social network in the world with unbelievable numbers: there are a lot of contenent going into each user News-feed at the same time, so each post must be carefully written in order to attract attention! When you click on the “Like” button always remember to add a personal comment: this way, you customize the link that is going to your profile page and have more chances to engage your friends.


    For posting on Google+ you just need to spend as much time as a click: choose the circles who might be more interested in the product that you are sharing, and seeks to involve those who follow you. One way to do so? Ask a question.


    With Twitter another important factor comes to play: the ability to fit everything you want to say in just 140 characters. When you click on the button, the tweet is automatically generated based on the title of the product but it can easily be modified, for example by adding the hashtags. Use the hashtags (#) to suggest products and to promote flash initiatives (Tip for the pros: use a tool for the creation of short url, eg: Bitly, and then get visibility by mentioning the account @blomming ).


    Finally, a useful tool that can be used on the entire web: the permalinks. A unique link to share wherever you want. Just click on it – it becomes yellow – to copy automatically. To share it you just have to paste it on your blog, website,  email, in the comments and everywhere that could be of interest to your audience.

    Happy Sharing!


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