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  • Once you discover the Marketplace dedicated to the Promoter, and refined our search with the filters, there are still many surprises to discover the best of Blomming. A Promoter knows how important it is to stay up to date on the latest news to astonish their community. And what better way than to visit our Marketplace? A true showcase constantly updated.

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    Clicking in the section Our Picks, you’ll have a selection of the most original, innovative products of our entire platform. This area is daily updated by our Editorial Team. This section can help you choose through the use of filters and do not forget to check the “Only Promotable Items” filter that you’ll find in the menu on the left!

    Scelti da noi

    In the top menu you will find the offers section, ideal for lovers of discounts. In this continuously updated area you will find  all the items that our sellers have decided to offer on a super-affordable price! Through the use of filters you can then find the most suited categories of the product  to your community.

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    In the Best Sellers area, marked by a green ribbon in the Marketplace, you’ll find those items which have already been a big success in purchases and that we think your followers might like too ! If you want you can speed up your search by using the display line as we did from the menu at the top right, you will have a more organized arrange of the products.

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    Finally, marked by a blue ribbon, you can find out the selection of Most Liked. You, as a promoter , knows more than anyone else the importance of social networks, especially Facebook. In this section you will find all those articles that have already received a great appreciation on the form of various Like!

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    From the top menu you can view other categories of research, useful for navigating the discovery of attractive products:

    • Collections:  If your community have a clear idea or subject of interest, you can rely on our thematic collections. You will find products selected by our team of the most beautiful shops of Blomming about a certain theme. Discover them all!
    • Shop. In this section you can get a view of those shops which have distinguished for quality, creativity and reliability. Among them there is also our Top Shops and our Guaranteed Shops.
    • Categories. Here you’ll have to glance a gallery of products Blomming divided into themes.

  • Pick Product 17 July 2013 admin

    A good Promoter knows that knowing and respecting the interests and characteristics of its community is essential.  Blomming helps you find the “perfect products” through the use of special filters.


    Login to your account and click on Pick Products to access the Showcase dedicated to the Promoter where there are all the shops Blomming that adhere to the Social Affiliation. You can choose from a wide range of products to suit every taste and need. Remember: the promotion products are marked with a yellow ribbon.


    One of the main rules is to begin to understand what to look for. It sounds trite, but it’s important to always keep in mind your goal. Ask yourself: What kind of product I really want to promote? The filter by Category is useful to make a first selection. You can find it in the side menu, click on All and choose the category of your interest among the many available.


    In the same section is available a bar in which the price can be set a minimum and / or maximum value in order to define the search of the most suitable products to your community also from the economic point of view. In the example image, we set up a search filter for products of the category Clothing and priced between € 5 and € 300.


    If you want to entice you your audience even more to purchase, offer good deals is a great incentive.  Just check the box Only discounted items and your marketplace will only show products to which has been applied a discount by the seller. After all, who does not have a thing for the discounts?


    If the result of our research is extensive, it may be useful to change the sort order of results according to criterion that interests more to the Promoter. By default the results are displayed from newest to oldest, but you can choose from other options:

    High Price
    Low Price
    Most Liked
    Low Revenue Share
    High Revenue Share
    Low Earning
    High Earning
    Note: Filters are easily applicable also to the results of the free searches.


    To select a product you just have to click on the check boxes in the yellow tape: it will automatically include the item in  “My Shop” and you can start to share – gaining a percentage in case of sale. To receive the payments, do not forget to complete the configurations of the Shop.

    Happy Share!

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  • Affiliazione, Pick Product, Products 8 March 2013 admin

    promoter-promote on blomming-social affiliation

    Thanks to Blomming’s Social Affiliation anyone who is active online can now make money by sharing the products they prefer from those available on Blomming.

    To become a Promoter all you have to do is go to this page and fill out a straightforward form in which you choose your Username (a public name for your Blomming account), email which you will use for logging in and to which all important information will be delivered and a password. The only other thing you have to do is accept the Terms of Service (read with care) and select if you want to receive a Newsletter which will contain official communications, then click on Become a Promoter … and your ready to start!

    Those who wish to do so can also use their Facebook credentials to register their Blomming account, this will help speed up the process even further.

    After you login you will arrive at the Dashboard: from here you can access all sharing functions, your Settings and Orders pannel. The first thing you need to do is to start populating your Shop by choosing products that you want to promote. Click on the green button ‘Pick Products‘  to see the storefront, which is always updated with all the items available for promotion. These products are also recognizable from the yellow tab in the top right of the products picture where the percentage, destined for the Promoter in case of sale, is also specified (with more details once on the product page). To choose a product just tick the window and the product will appear in your Shop. (at the link:[yourusername]/items)

    Scegliere i prodotti da promuovere su Blomming

    You can also discover many interesting products by navigating the Blomming Storefront.

    To remove a product from your Shop, just un-tick the window.

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