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    For those who have a Blomming shop with numerous products or with different categories of products, it can be useful to have an instrument that helps surf through these and manage them better. Collections are for these very needs: they are thematic groupings of products that are useful in organizing your shop and directing clients towards their desires. When should you make use of the Collections function? For example in a shop that deals in clothing, where it is useful to distinguish between ‘male’ and ‘female’, ‘winter’ and ‘summer’ etc. Collections are also useful for products that pertain to a particular event such as ‘Christmas’, ‘St. Valentine’s’, ‘Discounts’ and all sorts of categorizing needs. 


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  • Products, Tutorial 4 July 2011 francesca

    We know how much you care about your creativity – and so do we! Placing a “watermark” on the images might be a way to protect yourself, but remember that every visitor of your Shop wants to see the products clearly. So, if you really want to put your logo in the pictures, try to do it discreetly and follow this tips:

    • It must be transparent enough
    • It should not have contrasting colors with those of the object
    • It should also be positioned not to cover what you want to sell.

    The look is important!

    PLEASE NOTE: in order to provide a more enjoyable shopping experience on Blomming, images without watermarks (and without other kind of graphics) will have more chances to be featured for special reports such as our Newsletter, Storefront or Facebook Page .




    yes, great!

  • Products, Tutorial 4 July 2011 francesca

    Every day we are exposed to an incredible amount of images. How do we pay attention on one, rather than another? A good aesthetic attracts our attention more, and in a photograph that is generally made possible by three main factors: background, lighting and focus – as well as, of course, by the subject.


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  • Products, Tutorial 4 July 2011 francesca

    You signed up on Blomming, created your products and begun spreading your shop in every corner of the web: on your site / blog, your Facebook page, etc. Now it’s time to polish the window, and get ready for customers! Each Blomming shop should be treated just like you treat a real shop, a studio or a boutique – because this is it, even if it’s online. Let’s see the key points to make a good impression on anyone visiting your store, and how to show the items for sale in the best possible way.

    The Title. This is the name you give to your products. It is the identity that they bring with them. Its meaning can be an added value that should not be underestimated.


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    Blomming is a user-friendly e-commerce platform with which you can quickly share your products on sale on blog/websites and social networks – thus exploit your on-line presence. Anyone can sell on Blomming, and you can sell anything you want, provided it is legal: the restrictions are listed below.

    Regarding the products, there are no limitations of price, type or quantity. Some users sell postcards for one euro, others rent their house on the mountains, some sell expensive works of art. You can get rid of an object you do not need more, or sell items that you create yourself. This is why Blomming is very appreciated in the independent creativity movement: artists and artisans, designers and fashion designers, hobbyists, “Hand-Made” and “Do-it-Yourself” enthusiasts and so on think it a useful tool to sell on-line.

    Blomming is also designed for companies: from the smallest ones that can not afford a complicated and expensive system of e-commerce to the biggest that want to extend their presence and their customers on the Social Media.

    You can also sell digital products although, as it happens with any other kind of products, Blomming is not responsible for delivery.


    Blomming is an “open” platform like eBay, YouTube, Facebook, etc. It offers a service for all subscribers, so it belongs a little bit to everyone. Those who use it must comply with the rules and avoid illegal or unacceptable behaviours for their own good and for the good of the others.

    There are some strict rules:

    • You cannot sell illegal or forbidden items on Blomming: see this page
    • Obviously, this extends to any object that is the result of illegal activity
    • By using Blomming you commit yourself to our policy of Acceptable Uses: see this page
    • Also, by registering on Blomming you agree to the Terms of Service: see this page

    Happy Blomming!

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    Your shop’s page is public and you can easily share the link the way you prefer:

    • The link to your shop is:[username]/items

    • The link to the single products in your Shop is:[username]/items/[product-title]

    The words of the title are separated by the symbol “-“.

    • You can also use tags to present grups of products:[username]/items/tag/[tag name]

    Happy Blomming!

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