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  • Blomming has no intention to stop, not at all! We started almost 3 years and a half ago with some invitation emails sent to our closest friends, and today our friends have become almost 30,00o! Items for sale on the platform are now almost half a million, the turnover generated by you passed some time ago one million € and you guys have already sold… more than 85,000 products! At this point, as they say in these cases, we have good news and bad news to tell you.

    Let’s start with the least good one. We decided to change our Terms of Service (valid from July, 1st 2014) and adopt, also for the old Blomming users, the system of pricing that we already adopted a few months ago for new members joining Blomming. This means that in short, after a 15-day free trial you can choose from a Monthly Plan (€ 19.99) or an Annual Plan (199 € ).

    But let’s get to the good news. For all users who joined the platform before March 17th, 2014 we have prepared a Super Offer to reward the loyalty of our Sellers: choosing the Annual Plan by June 10th, you can save 50% of the price!

    pricing starter 1 annuale en

    We know that this new approach to pricing may be burdensome for some of you and maybe someone will even abandon us, but we believe it is the right way to offer those who stay with us the level of service you expect.

    We have built a Marketplace together and thanks to your contribution we now host more and more special products, more unique creations and item curation is more important than ever, so we believe it’s time to bet on quality. We continue to move forward and in fact one of the options introduced, the Premium Plan, allows you to have your own Custom Domain, one of the recurring requests of our Community of sellers.

    We tried to think  to all needs by creating a specific plan for people who are starting selling online for the first time  and for which the requirements are a little more restricted, as well as the budget. To you is born the Starter Plan.

    Our new TOS are always reachable in this page and will be valid starting from July, 1st 2014. Take advantage of the Offer: choose an annual plan (Basic or Premium) by June, 10th to save 50% and just focus on sales! Please also note that if you do not update your Plan by June, 30th, your shop will be automatically disabled.

    Upgrade your plan

    Sometimes it is necessary to implement some changes in order to keep improving:  are you ready to continue to grow? We do! And for any questions or assistance, you can always contact us at [email protected]. Happy Blomming!

  • How much does it cost? 18 April 2013 admin

    At a difference to many other online sales platforms, we have decided not to require a listing fee for new products (or for publishing multiple photos for each product). All we ask is for a revenue share on the price of every item sold. The use of Blomming as a platform will therefore continue to be Free, and there will also be a Free period during which you will continue to sell your products on all your selling points – including the Blomming Storefront – just as you do now. We will not, in any way, make changes to the products of existing shops. Furthermore, you will take advantage of another promotion. Here is how it works.

    New Terms of Service: Service Fees

    Those who will sign up in the future (not those who are already ‘on board’) will have a free period that will last till they reach €200 worth of sales. You, who up until now have used Blomming completely for free, will also have extra advantages. First off the new conditions will begin from 00:00 of May, 18th 2013 and only from that moment the counting of your sales income will start. On top of this, those who are already Blomming users will have €300 worth of free sales, instead of 200, before having to move on to a Pricing Plan. Lets take a look at what the tariffs will be.

    • Do you want to sell only on your Blomming Shop, your website/Blog/Facebook page? If you want to use Blomming to sell on your online points of presence – your Blomming shop, your website and blog, Facebook page, with all the Social Media sharing features – at the end of the free usage quota you will be charged a transaction fee amounting to only 4% of the value of products sold (excluding shipping and payment costs), and only in the case of actual sales. Alternatively, you can choose a monthly fee. This subscription costs €12,99 per month and you have no extra costs on sales generated from your shops, whether they are on Blomming or on any of your other online points of presence.
    • Do you want others, including Blomming, to advertise your shop? If you activate the Social Affiliation you will have full access to Blomming’s capabilities, as well as to a wide network of Promoters that will help you sell more. Your first Promoter will be Blomming itself. Your products will be traceable through the search engine inside Blomming, they will be present in your Shop, on the iPhone app. and may be selected for our weekly Newsletter, featured on our blog and/or Social Media channels. When these products are sold by Blomming or by any Promoter you can decide the percentage owed to them, starting from a 4% minimum.

    Basically: you pay only 4% on the price of products sold or €12,99 per month. You choose. Without costs for uploading products. And if you want to boost your sales you can activate the Social Affiliation and gain presence on Blomming and on the sales channels of the Promoters. It’s a choice, not a constraint. How much does it cost? Once again, you choose (starting from a minimum of 4%).

  • About Blomming, How much does it cost? 18 April 2013 admin

    Open a Shop on Blomming is really simple: there are no listing fees and you can immediately start selling on our platform, on your Facebook Page, on your Website/Blog and… well, anywhere on the Web!

    What you get from Blomming

    Here you can find the main features offered by Blomming. The more you explore the product, the more you will find there’s plenty of them.


    • Facebook Commerce, Web E-Commerce, Blog E-Commerce Widgets, Mobile Commerce. With Blomming you can take your online Shop everywhere and easily manage your stock, orders, customer interactions, shipping and payment systems: everything from a single account.
    • No listing fees. Unlike other E-Commerce solutions, Blomming requires no activation fees. Uploading (and start selling) a product is completely free.
    • No product limits. You can upload all the products you want, there is no quantity limit, no time limits anymore! Forget about paying repeatedly for existing products.
    • Up to four images per product. You can upload up to four photos for each product on your Shop. We want you to show them the best way you can. Oh, and there’s even a handy zoom function.
    • On site Navigation and Shopping Cart “memory”. Customers who navigate your Shop via your Website or Facebook Page get a complete experience on three levels. They can see the product gallery, specific product pages and the Cart without leaving the Shop. Information remains stored: if customers come back to any Blomming Shop, the cart appears with the products already added and ready to be purchased.
    • High-level security. All Shop management functions, transactions and important pages are extremely protected, as well as your data, thanks to the Secure Socket Layer (SSL), a top safety standard.
    • Social functions continuously updated. All your product pages include useful Social sharing features (for both you and your customers). We try to integrate new, emerging, relevant Social Media.

    Choose your Plan 

    These conditions are valid for Blomming registered users from April 18, 2013 (inclusive) onwards. Rates refer to sales generated by sellers directly on their Blomming Shop, Facebook Shop, embedded Shop (Website/Blog) and links from Social sharing.

    pricing EN

    Choose a Subscription: the first 15 days are in free trial!

    • Monthly subscription. If you are an active seller and want to focus on sales, the monthly plan (from just € 19.99) allows you to save and not overthink!
    • Annual Subscription. The annual plan (from just € 199.99) is great for real professionals and strong business focused on growth: stability and saving of 16% on monthly subscription.


    In order to reach even more people (customers!) and get exposure, we have created our Social Marketplace Blomming. Activate this option means enjoying:

    • Social Affiliation. Allow other users (called Blommers) to promote your Shop on social networks. You can create a network of promoters: bloggers, publishers and Social Media Lovers. They will share your products, you will increase your sales. The perfect Social Deal!
    • Marketplace. Your main promoter may be just Blomming itself. If you activate our Social Affiliation, your Shop will appear in search results of Blomming’s internal search engine, in sections of the website and in the iPhone app. Also your Shop could be featured on our Newsletter, Blog or Social Media channels.

    Orders generated on the Social Marketplace are subject to a sales commission. But you get to decide the percentage, starting from 5%.
    This percentage is not added to your plan rate, it is only valid for sales generated by Blommers on their channels or by Blomming Marketplace and its channels.

    Feel free to check further information visiting our Pricing Page and our Terms of Service.

    Note: users registered before April 17, 2013 are subject to the terms described in this article.


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