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    Choose Paypal is a safe and fast way for your transactions on Blomming (HERE is the tutorial to set up Paypal as a payment method in your shop).

    Furthermore now to pay with Paypal is even easier for you buyers: they no longer have to leave the Facebook page in which you have the Shop! The whole process Cart – Checkout – Confirmation – Payment takes place more easily and quickly, and the buyer can return immediately to see the products again, or to visit other pages. This is thanks to a partnership with PayPal where, you know, millions of people in the world have an online account. If you are a seller, to accept payments with this system is extremely useful to stimulate sales. And if you are a buyer you can shop safely just in a few clicks.

    In both cases, what are you waiting, open an account now!

    Let’s see what happens if you make a purchase in a Blomming shop on Facebook.


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  • Dashboard, Orders 15 March 2011 admin

    Receive and manage an order in your shop Blomming is easy!
    To purchase the buyer click on Add to Cart on the page of a product, whether it in the shop on, in a Facebook Shop, in a Shop or integrated into a blog or website thanks all’embed.

    At the bottom of the page (or higher, on Facebook and Blog)you can see display immediately the cart that shows the items selected for purchase.

    Clicking on the checkout, the customer can enter the information needed to dispatch and in a second step can review the summary of data, products and expenses, then complete the order.
    1) Shipping, Billing & Payment


    2) Confirmation


    3) Thank you!


    When the order is submitted both, the client and the seller, will receive a confirmation email that contains the order number and the link to the Status page of the Order. The link can also be obtained by entering the order number here and also, for the seller, directly from your account by going to orders, the section that lists the details of each order received.
    Let’s see an example of the Status page of the Order for the Seller:

    In addition to the order information, there you can also other information and functions:
    Messaging System: for any kind of communications with the customer – Details on the order or shipment, thanks etc.
    Source and Channel order: useful to know if the order comes from, Facebook or from your Blog
    • Management of the Status of the Order and request for cancellation

    The Status of the Order
    An order can be in different “status” that can be managed using the appropriate buttons and visible with filters also “Orders” account.

    • Pending Payment – default status if the customer has chosen a different method of payment then Paypal
    • From Ship – default status if the customer has chosen to pay immediately with Paypal
    • Closed (Paid and Shipped) – in this status the product has been sent and paid for, but the order can be reopened eventually (for example to handle returns)
    • Archived – an order archived is considered unsuccessful and can not be reopened

    Auto Archive: if after many days the order is still open, the system sends two Blomming alert email to the seller and finally stores the order automatically (after 24 days).

    Request for Cancellation: Sometimes a received order is not successful and so the seller may request the cancellation. To request cancellation of an order, simply indicate in detail in the text field the reasons for the cancellation (eg, “the client is no longer interested”) and click Submit. The Blomming Team will analyse case by case and may accept or reject the request in the absence of supporting data. For this reason it is important to make sure that you have communicated clearly to the client the intention to cancel the order via the messaging system.

    >> For each change of status of the order and sent message, the Blomming system automatically sends a notification email: timing is important to customers. Answer questions as soon as possible and send the ordered goods without delay. A happy customer always comes back!

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