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    time for social affiliation-social affiliation on blomming-social affiliation

    Social Commerce just keeps on innovating itself! We have just launched a very important development for your Blomming Shop: it’s called Social Affiliation.

    Enter your account and go to the new ‘Promote’ section. Thanks to our Affiliation System you can allow other Bloggers and Social Media Lovers to publicise your products, guaranteeing a comission – which you can choose – in the case of a sale. This is a great opportunity to increase the visibility of your shop exponentially … and therefore your profits!

    promote on blomming-social affiliation-promoter

    What is the Affiliation

    You can allow other users that are registered on Blomming, namely ‘Promoters’, to sell products from your shop on their own Website, Blog, Facebook page or simply on any Social Media, just as you yourself do. With this system you garuntee a percentage of the sale price of a product (excluding shipping costs): for every item sold through the Affiliation, the promoter and Blomming will split the percentage, that you have decided, equally.

    (For example: with a 10% gain on a product, you are guaranteeing 5% for Blomming and 5% for the promoter.)

    Settings and Practical Information

    Activating the Affiliation is free. You can set it up easily by going to Settings > Affiliation (Here)

    affiliation settings

    • Choose the percentage of the price of the product that you want to give as a commission(minimum of 4%). This percentage will reamin the same for all products on your Shop and will be visible to Promoters in a separate display, together with other ‘promotable’ items of other sellers.
    • Carefully fill out your personal details as indicated in the form
    • Accept the Terms and Conditions, Save and Connect to PayPal to activate

    It is necessary to connect your Shop to PayPal (in a different way from that which regards the ‘Payment Methods’) so as to send profits to Promoters automatically (this happens at the end of each month, and only in the case of prooducts being sold through the Affiliation). If you do not have a PayPal account you can easily create one.

    Why it Works

    Each Day every one of you shares things on your Social Media networks, blogs or websites, which you like – news, images, objects – and you recommend them to friends and followers. In this way you are creating around yourself a ‘community’, a ‘liquid’ network that is constantly growing and meets with the networks of others, creating conversations in which potentially millions of people are participating simultaneously. Recognizing a commission on the sale of your products, incentivizes others to share, therefore increasing the exposure of your Shop and by consequence your sales.

    A natural extension to Your Shop. The Affiliation According to Blomming

    We believe that this system can help everyone. Those who sell online can gain a hand from their community, which will boost sales. It is, after all, Social Commerce. For those who don’t have a shop but are active on the internet – you are the Social Media Lover, or blogger or online publisher – it is a way to monetize the sharing of products that you like. At a difference to other affiliation programs, in fact, this is the first case in which those who Promote can choose the products that they prefer accordoing to their own tastes, and therefore showing their community only that which they deem fit.

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    Thanks to the Social Affiliation Blomming users with a Promoter account can publicise the products they prefer from those put at their disposal by Sellers, with a simple like, Tweet of Pin or with the advanced Blomming functions. Every time a Promoter generates an order, this order is traced thanks to an identification code (Prom ID). The Seller can see the name of the Promoter in the order status page and can take care of the logistics of dealing with an order as always.

    To make sure that the sale procedes correctly the Order is only visible to the Promoter in the moment in which the Seller sets the order as ‘Archived': this means that roder, shipping and payment have all been completed correctly.

    At this point the Promoter will receive an email and will see an increase in the number of sales and amount earned shown on the Dashboard . It is important to remember that for the Promoter to be payed the Affiliation Settings have to be filled in correctly.

    How to Earn

    Money earned on sales is recognized to the Promoter when and if they satisfy the following criteria:

    • The buyer arrives at the shop, or product page, through the Promoters link
    • the commercial transaction is verified by Blomming (via Tracking)
    • The order is completed with the complete satisfaction of the buyer

    The Promoter has a right to the percentage established by the Seller, visible on every product and highlighted by the yellow ribbon. The percentage is relative to the selling price visible on the product page, therefore excluding shipping costs.

    Note: for transparency, we communicate that at Blomming the Seller allows for another commission, of equal measure, but which is not subtracted from that which the Promoter sees on each product.

    How The Payments Function

    Payments relative to the Affiliation system are sent automatically, through PayPal. It is a safe way of sending and receiving payments and, for the moment, the only method we accept. Payments will be sent by Blomming according to the following conditions:

    At the end of each month Vlomming will calculate all the earning of the Promoter. Every time that these earnings are above € 50, the Promoter will receive a communication and within the following 15 days Blomming will pay the receipt or invoice, without incurring any cost to the Promoter and without any interest being paid by Blomming.

    Note: in some cases the tax documentation will be emitted by Blomming, in others it will have to be sent by the Promoter. More information here.

    Particular Cases

    If the amount earned is inferior to € 50, the earnings will be witheld until this threshold is obtained or surpassed. When this occurs the amount will be payed to the Promoter following the procedure outlined above. The Promoter will then receive a subsequent payment when the threshold of  € 50 is once again surpassed.

    If a Promoter, who has earned less than € 50 decides to abandon the Affiliation Program cancelling their account, Blomming will pay for the money earned up to that moment, subtracting € 5 of administration costs. In the case of compensation earned being less than € 5 no money will be recognized to the Promoter

    The Terms of Service for Promoters are accessible at any moment Here.

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    social affiliation-thousands of shops recognize the power of social affiliation

    Are you looking for a way to monetize your online presence, whilst keeping your identity? Welcome to Blomming!

    Blomming is a Social Commerce platform that adresses the needs of Sellers, Promoters and Buyers for a new type of e-commerce experience that is completely integrated with social networks.

    Shops on Blomming

    For Sellers Blomming offers a system through which to sell online without a ‘middle-man': anyone can subscribe and open a shop in a few minutes. This system is thought of so as to reach and monetize those plcaes online where one is already present. In fact, with a single account you can sell

    1. On your blog/website, thanks to the embed code that you can simply copy and paste
    2. On a Facebook page of which you are the administrator
    3. Directly on the Blomming website

    On Blomming we have thousands of shops from all around the world with unique and original products that range across all sorts of categories, with a strong presence of designers, artisans, artists, stilists and all sorts of creative minds.

    Blomming for Promoters: Social Affiliation

    We came up with the idea of Social Affiliation as a natural extension to Blomming shops. The idea is that anyone who is active online – wether you are a Social Media Lover, a blogger or online publisher – can monetize the sharing of products that you like. At a difference to other affiliation programs this is the first case in which the Promoter can choose products according to his own taste, and therefore suggest things to his own community that truly convince him.

    social affiliation blomming-promote on blomming-social affiliation

    Those who subscribe as Promoters (you can do it here) can choose from a selection of products, namely those that Sellers who adhered to the Affiliation program have rendered available, and include them in your own personal shop. Sharing them with a simple Like, Tweet or Pin or embeding the product into your shop, will allow you to earn a percentage on the sale price (which is chosen by the seller of each product) in the case of a sale.

    Power to the Social Media Lovers! Getting started is very simple: click here.

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    promoter-promote on blomming-social affiliation

    Thanks to Blomming’s Social Affiliation anyone who is active online can now make money by sharing the products they prefer from those available on Blomming.

    To become a Promoter all you have to do is go to this page and fill out a straightforward form in which you choose your Username (a public name for your Blomming account), email which you will use for logging in and to which all important information will be delivered and a password. The only other thing you have to do is accept the Terms of Service (read with care) and select if you want to receive a Newsletter which will contain official communications, then click on Become a Promoter … and your ready to start!

    Those who wish to do so can also use their Facebook credentials to register their Blomming account, this will help speed up the process even further.

    After you login you will arrive at the Dashboard: from here you can access all sharing functions, your Settings and Orders pannel. The first thing you need to do is to start populating your Shop by choosing products that you want to promote. Click on the green button ‘Pick Products‘  to see the storefront, which is always updated with all the items available for promotion. These products are also recognizable from the yellow tab in the top right of the products picture where the percentage, destined for the Promoter in case of sale, is also specified (with more details once on the product page). To choose a product just tick the window and the product will appear in your Shop. (at the link:[yourusername]/items)

    Scegliere i prodotti da promuovere su Blomming

    You can also discover many interesting products by navigating the Blomming Storefront.

    To remove a product from your Shop, just un-tick the window.

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  • Affiliazione 26 February 2013 admin

    In this article we have collected the answers to common questions on our Affiliation program for sellers on Blomming. For information on what the Social Affiliation is and how it works, visit this article.

    1. How do I know who is promoting my products? In this first version of the Affiliation program it is not possible to monitor who your promoters are and where your products are being published, unless of course the product is sold.
    2. Can I choose only a selected few products to be available for promotion? No, at the moment the affiliation applies to all products that are sold in your Shop.
    3. What do I need to know to set up the percentage gained in the affiliation form? You can set the percentge that you prefer in Settings > Affiliation: this percentage (calculated from the price of the product as seen on the product page, and excluding shipping costs) will then be divided in equal parts between the promoter and Blomming in the case of a sale through the affiliation. The promoter will see his net gain directly ie. half of the value of the percenatge inserted by the seller.
    4. Why do you have to connect to PayPal for the Affiliation? Will I have to use it as a payment method for my Shop? Connecting to PayPal from the Affiliation Settings is a different procedure from the connection relating to Payment Methods: it is not used to receive payments (and therfore no comission is charged). In fact in this case the association is used exclusively to allow the automatic payment due to promoters at the end of the month, obviously only in the case of sales through the affiliation program. There are no other payment options with which to activate the affiliation.
    5. To activate the Affiliation do I have to pay for something? No. Activating the Affiliation for your Shop is free. It has been brought to our attention that some PayPal texts on their website can be misunderstood in this sense, we will try and intervene for them to be changed.
    6. What implications are there from a fiscal point of view? The sellers relationship from a fiscal point of view is only with Blomming: in case of sales derived from the affiliation we will emit a receipt with the total % that you chose and we will withhold this from your PayPal account connected to your Shop
    7. What happens if the order does not go through? In the case of an order being evaded or other problems relating to an order, the commission destined for the Promoter will be cancelled in the moment in which the seller requests the cancelling of an order, through the usual procedure which occurs in the Order Status page, and only if this cancellation is accepted by Blomming.
    8. How do I deactivate the Affiliation to my shop? The Affiliation can be deactivated at any moment by sending a request to Blomming from the Affiliation Settings page. When the request gets accepted, eventual commissions on the items sold and destined to the promoter will be withheld and the sellers items will no longer result as Promotable.
    9. How do promoters know that my products can be advertised? Promoters will see all the products that adhere to the affilliation program on a designated page. Furthermore, each product will be adorned with a golden-yellow tape that will indicate the percentage to be assigned to the would be promoter.
    10. How can I invite my friends and community to subscribe as a promoter on Blomming? Let everyone know about this opportunity: it’s also a way to enlarge your following. You can share this link:

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