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    Blomming offers a simple yet powerful multi-currency feature, available on all Blomming Shops (and products, of course). The idea, as always in all Blomming, is to be as fast as possibile: every Seller can choose his or her own currency of preference. But, as visitors can come from all over the world, every person who navigate the site – also know as a potential Buyer – can see the prices in her or his own preferred value too. In case of a purchase, the final conversion depends on the payment system of choice. Here it is:

    For Sellers

    change currency when you open a shopWhen you open a new Shop on Blomming you will be able to choose the currency in which you want your Shop to operate by default. It is the option that you see in the small image here at the left. But, both for existing shop-keepers or in case you want to change the currency you work with, you can always do this using a specific feature in the Settings page:

    change the currency of your shop whenever you want

    The currency change of existing products may take some time. You will receive a confirmation e-mail when the process has ended. From that time on, your customers will see the products you put on sale in the currency you prefer. Furthermore, they can also choose the currency they prefer as an additional visualization feature. If you already have a Shop on Blomming, you can change your settings immediately clicking here.

    For Buyers

    you can see prices in the currency you prefer while shopping on blommingEveryone, while navigating Blomming, will see the original price in the currency chosen by the Seller. And, can also set another currency in order to see prices in his or her preferred value. Here at the left you can see an example of a price originally set in Euro by the Shop owner, but automatically converted in US Dollars for convenience.

    Please note: the conversion is made using an external, industry standard service provider for this kind of information, and it is updated four times a day.

    When a purchase is done

    When you actually buy a product from a Blomming Shop, the final currency will be the one of the Shop owners. An exact conversion will be made by the payment system you will chose – e.g. PayPal or the bank you will use for bank transfer.

    Please note: the payment systems are external service, not affiliated with Blomming, and use their internal conversion rates. Blomming cannot guarantee that the final price payed is effectively the same as shown on the site. Only the original price set by the Shop owners should be taken in consideration.

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